Why an SEO Friendly Homepage Is Critical for Any Business

Believe it or not, studies have shown that almost 50% of small businesses don’t have websites set up. That means you’re already ahead of the game if you have a website for your business.

But outside of simply creating a website, you should also take time to make sure your site’s homepage is as SEO friendly as it can be. You’re not going to bring in much traffic every month if search engine optimization isn’t on your radar.

Would you like to make your homepage more SEO friendly than it is right now? Here are three simple ways you can do it.

Create Unique Content About Your Business for Your Homepage

Many business owners make the mistake of including next to no content on their homepages. The only things that they put onto their homepages are things like:

  • Their business name and logo
  • Their company’s slogan
  • A short list of available services
  • A few photos
  • And that’s it!

If you’re going to make your homepage SEO friendly, it needs more content than that. You should include at least a few paragraphs on the homepage.

In your content, you can tell potential customers about the history of your company. You can showcase your products and the services you can provide. You can even list some of the benefits and special features your company offers.

But whatever you do, don’t pass up on the opportunity to put together some high-quality homepage copy! It’ll make a world of a difference when it comes to your SEO.

Incorporate Keywords Into Your Homepage Content

While you’re in the process of creating content for your homepage, you should be mindful about working certain keywords into the mix.

You should, of course, mention the name of your business several times in the content. But you should also find keywords that relate to your business that will make your homepage rank higher in search engines.

Search engines use web crawlers that read through websites and look for these keywords. You can make your homepage SEO friendly by finding out the right keywords to use and placing them into your content.

Figure Out Ways to Get Backlinks to Your Homepage

One of the most reliable ways to make a website’s homepage more SEO friendly is by getting backlinks to it. You can get backlinks for your homepage by asking bloggers to link to your site or creating guest posts for other sites and linking back to your site.

Whenever possible, experts recommend using your brand name as the anchor text for backlinks. In order to build brand trust with Google, this post from Adam White at SEOJet says that at least 90% of the backlinks to your homepage should use some form of your brand name as the anchor text.

Making Your Homepage More SEO Friendly Isn’t Difficult to Do

If you’re going to take the time to create a website with a catchy homepage, why not make that homepage SEO friendly, too?

Follow the steps listed here to make SEO a bigger priority. You’ll get better results and bring in more business when you use SEO to your advantage.

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