9 MacBook Accessories You’re Missing in Your Life

MacBooks are ranked among the best laptops for both work and play.

Owing to their build quality, excellent software, top-notch security features, and other quality additions, these laptops are designed for maximum user satisfaction.

But what if you could up the ante of your MacBook for an even better user experience?

Here’s where MacBook accessories come in. These accessories will help you overcome some of the MacBook’s shortcomings to enable you to do more with your machine.

With that in mind, here is a rundown of some of the best MacBook accessories to buy.

1. External Battery Pack

Do you travel often?

You’ll need enough charge on your MacBook, especially if you’re visiting places that are off the grid. An external battery pack or power bank will be ideal for such situations.

Consider a power bank with a battery capacity of about 20,000 mAh or more for uninterrupted use. With such battery capacity, you can be assured more than 10 extra hours of using your MacBook.

What’s more, some external battery pack models need less than 3 hours to recharge. This will save you a significant amount of time in the long run.

You’ll also find other models equipped with both USB-C and USB ports to allow you to charge two extra gadgets (such as an iPad or smartphone) besides your laptop.

2. USB-C to USB Adapter

Are you switching to the new models of the MacBook Pro?

If so, you’ll also need to invest in top MacBook Pro accessories for a streamlined user experience. One such accessory is the USB-C to USB adapter.

It enables you to connect your conventional USB 2.0 accessories and gadgets to the latest MacBook. This accessory is important for universal USB compatibility.

3. USB-C Hub Adapter

Apple’s idea to enhance the aesthetic value of their MacBook products by making them slimmer comes with one significant hardware compromise – fewer ports on the device.

Fortunately, the USB-C hub adapter offers a practical solution for multiple inputs, especially for MacBook Pro users.

Unlike the USB-C to USB adapter that only has the single port for compatibility, this accessory features a wide range of ports including USB, USB-C, HDMI, and Ethernet ports to allow you to link up more devices to your MacBook. Besides the multiple ports, some models also feature full SD and microSD card slots.

Apple manufactures its own USB-C hubs, however, you’ll find also find third-party models that are faster and have more features.

4. Laptop Protective Sleeves

MacBooks can be quite expensive, which is why protection is imperative. Protective laptop sleeves are some of the best MacBook accessories for this purpose. They’re easily portable and come in different colors, designs, and sizes to suit a range of preferences.

It’s often recommended to go for padded and waterproof options for top-notch protection in all weather conditions. Also, get a one with sturdy corners for extra sturdiness.

5. Laptop Mountie

Most people constantly check their phones or tablets when using their laptops, especially when multitasking.

You can simplify this process with a Mountie – a laptop accessory that allows you to clip your tablet or phone to the side of the screen of your MacBook. That way, you can easily monitor what’s going on on your phone or tablet while working on your laptop.

Mounties come in a range of designs and sizes to hold different sizes of smartphones and tablets. Choose one that’s compatible with your device.

6. Laptop Stand

A stand will come in handy if you use your MacBook for extended periods, such as in the office. The conventional flat position on the desk can feel quite uncomfortable for long hour usage.

With most laptop stands being adjustable, you’ll be able to find the ideal angle that’s more congenial to your typing. Consider going for a stand with a fold-down design for easy portability.

7. External Hard Drive

For professionals using their MacBooks for business, the 256 GB or 512GB models offer limited storage space for the huge amounts of data they may need to store.

As such, an external hard drive will offer the ideal solution. These accessories are available in an array of options (such as 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB) depending on the amount of information you intend to store. Ensure you select external hard drives that are compatible with Apple products.

8. Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are essential for immersive listening and making voice calls.

There are multiple compatible options in the market such as the Beats Studio3 and Apple AirPods. The AirPods are especially useful if you’re using other Apple devices such as iPhones or iPads.

For the best experience with your headphones, look for features such as high-quality noise canceling, impedance, frequency range, and comfort.

9. MacBook Cases and Screen Protectors

Besides the protective sleeve, you’ll also need a MacBook case to protect your laptop’s body from everyday hazards like scratches. These cases come in a range of materials and colors to suit varying individual personalities.

Rubber cases tend to be more effective at absorbing shocks and protecting your MacBook from scuffs. In this regard, you may want to go for the MacBook Air 13 inch case by Kuzy.

Their screen protectors come with retina display for high-resolution. With this kind of display, texts and images will appear clearer and sharper.

Additionally, the improved resolution will reduce strain on your eyes, which is ideal for people who use their laptops for long hours.

MacBook Accessories Make Your Work Easier

The MacBook accessories above will certainly boost your productivity when working on with your MacBook laptops. There are other accessories that you may also want to consider, such as computer mouse, laptop cooling mats, and laptop speakers.

Whether you’re using your MacBook for work or leisure, there’s always an accessory out there that’ll take your laptop to the next level.

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