Robots That will kickstart your Kids Coding Skills in A Fun way

Playtime just got smarter Kamibot

  It is quite clear that technology based in good coding, can help solve the critical problems that we as a human race experience. We can all appreciate the emergence of technology especially the computers and systems. With such advancements we have been able to offer solutions to millions of problems in our world including … Read more

One of the Most Affordable 3D Scanners Today, Cowtechs Ciclop is Entering the Market

With allready 1400% funded at Kickstarter this projects looks promising!   3D printing is marvelous, however if you need to duplicate a current object of yours, you have somewhat of a test before you. You can either get the opportunity to chip away at a 3D CAD program and reproduce the piece, however that requires … Read more

Sweep, a Scanning LIDAR-Light Detection And Ranging Campain You Can Crowdfund Today

The Sweep is a plotting technology that measures space by illuminating a target with a laser. The light weight, 360 degrees operating and the affordable price makes it functional in many different areas. It is built using Sculpteo 3D printing technology and with the ability to make high resolution maps you get applications in atmospheric physics, … Read more