Generation Z and Technology: A Guide for Bewildered Boomers

Times change and today, a new demographic has taken over the limelight. The oldest of Generation Z is turning 22 this year and has captured the attention of the market. Raised on cell phones and social media, they are a brand new market to tap into.

For those raised long before the era of the iPhone, marketing to and connecting with this generation might seem like a bewildering task. What might you need to know about Generation Z and technology to make things work? 

Read on and we’ll walk you through everything that you need to know.

Gen Z are Creators at Heart

This generation of kids and young adults were raised with a camera never far out of their hands. As such, they’ve been uniquely raised to think of themselves not just as consumers but as creators.

The form in which they interact with technology has everything to do with this relationship. Applications and outlets that allow teens to create and distribute their own content will reign supreme. 

This is why TikTok has exploded in popularity. It allows a platform where teens can create their own content and share it with their peers. For many in Gen Z, creating content and watching their friends’ content has replaced the time older generations spent going to the movies or watching television.

This is why advertising on TikTok can be such a good idea for those looking to connect with this generation. They spend so much time on it! 

Inseparable from Tech

Slowly over the past few decades, computers and electronic devices have become integral to the day-to-day activities of much of the world’s population.

This has drastically altered the way that most teenagers look at tech. Unlike some members of the older generation, many young people consider devices an essential part of their daily lives. Many say they stay online near-constantly.

This might not be the apocalyptic reality the older generation is afraid of, however. Gen Z actually seems to prioritize connection and face-to-face communication more than almost any other generation. 

They simply get to have this face-to-face time via tech sources such as Zoom, FaceTime, or other such outlets.

More Self-Aware Than You Think

Despite all of the time teens spend on social media, this generation is seemingly aware of the negative repercussions that all of this online time might bring about.

A large percentage of surveyed teens said that they did think that too much time online could produce negative results, and many did attempt to take time away from their devices to detox.

Generation Z has a complicated relationship with technology and the internet and would likely respond well to attempts to improve the way interactions are made online. Many companies, such as HP, are making moves to put human emotion above unlimited usage.

Understanding Generation Z and Technology

It can be difficult to figure out the relationship between Generation Z and technology if you’re some years removed from the kids of today. The above information can help you get a handle on what is really going on out there in cyberspace.

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