Robots That will kickstart your Kids Coding Skills in A Fun way


It is quite clear that technology

based in good coding, can help solve the critical problems that we as a human race experience. We can all appreciate the emergence of technology especially the computers and systems. With such advancements we have been able to offer solutions to millions of problems in our world including the outer-space.
It is obvious that programming is the co-pillar of all the systems that have ever been designed, and program coders play a very important role in our society in regards to problem solving.

Though coding is deemed as one of the technical subjects in programming, research shows that early practice makes perfect coders. It is evident that most people start to learn about coding at an older stage an in essence; they have a difficult time grasping the concepts used in making good programs.

Playtime just got smarter Kamibot

What should be done to increase the quality of coders in our society?

As parents and teachers of the next generation, we should put more focus on getting the kids in to the programming environment at an early stage.

How can this vision be best achieved?

Well, for some time now it was almost impossible to think of getting kids to start learning of how to code at their playful age. Thanks to Kamibot, a robot that can effectively teach kids on how to code our vision for teaching kids in an interesting way is 99.9% viable.


Kamibot is a unique programmable paper-craft robot

that the kids will love to play with and can customize it with codes and colourful skins. The basic principle of the design of Kamibot is to provide a fun way of engaging kids into programming.

Kamibots start with having fun

The Kamibot company was founded in the year 2014, and they technology has already been tested and approved by teachers and parents as the best means of teaching the young generation to code easily.

What are the Benefits of Kamibot to kids?

Nowadays, it is quite easy to find kids engaging in extracurricular activities that that has little or no potential benefit to their eventual life. Kamibot offers a more suitable way of engaging your kids in a productive manner that will eventually lead them to a more promising future where they get to help solve bigger problems by programming in the real world. Other benefits include;

  • The kid gets occupied playing with Kamibot codes and avid doing silly stuff
  • The kid develops more interest in codes and programming in general; positive attitude.

Kamibot Blue Army Tank

While we keep saying that attitude matters in whatever we want to learn, we can’t really expect people to change their attitude about programmable coding just by themselves. Everything will depend on how one is presented the subject. 

Kamibot has just started out; it is definitely a game changer. I bet it will play a very important role in shaping up future generation programmers. While the world is revolutionising for a better future; give your kids a better chance by teaching them how to code, make use of the Kamibot technology and support their Kickstarter Campaign!

Here is what the inventor has to say about the future on the question of their visions:

  •  Well obviously, we want to start the next robot apocalypse i.e. skynet with papercrafts. And it’s not to far off, especially when you see what Google is doing with AlphaGo. All kidding aside, we want to make papercraft robots that kids can get into and learn programming from. Something that kids can constantly change and customize and relate to.


Give us 3 tips you have learned on your way to other future tech entrepreneurs?

  • I’m not good with giving tips, since I’m the kind of guy who is always looking for them myself. So I could share some stuff I’ve picked up along the way. 1. Don’t ignore the people who you are making the product for. 2. Don’t wait till you have traction to start building bridges with investors. 3. Stuff never goes the way you plan 99% of the time (from my experience). And when stuff actually goes according to plan it feels a bit cheap. So you have to be very adaptable.


Finally, tell us: why should your project get funded?

  • Funding the project not only supports us but also supports fun and engaging coding education for kids. Bill Gates recently did an AMA on reddit and this is what he had to say, “I agree that our schools have not improved as much as we want them to. There are a lot of great teachers but we don’t do enough to figure out what they do so well and make sure others benefit from that. Most teachers get very little feedback about what they do well and what they need to improve including tools that let them see what the exemplars are doing. Technology is starting to improve education. Unfortunately so far it is mostly the motivated students who have benefited from it. I think we will get tools like personalized learning to all students in the next decade.
  • A lot of the issue is helping kids stay engaged. If they don’t feel the material is relevant or they don’t have a sense of their own ability they can check out too easily. The technology has not done enough to help with this yet.”

    We want to help get kids engaged through relevant characters that the kids might see on their screens. Kids don’t care about printing “Hello World” on their screens. But I promise you that any kid would care about being able to get his favorite character to move or react through code.

Big thanks to Asaph Kim at Kamibot
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