Need Extra Help? 4 Great Math Apps for College Students

It’s safe to say that America as a whole is bad at math.

Now—don’t get mad at us for saying that!

There are quite a lot of people out there who read numbers like it’s their first language. But a majority of Americans (82%, to be exact) can’t even figure out the cost of carpeting when given the dimensions and price per square yard.

But, there are almost 5 billion smartphone users worldwide, so we figured—why not tap into that industry? Let’s allow our phones to help us improve our math skills.

We narrowed down the best math apps out there to the following 4. We’re tired of scoring last in math and sciences.

If you’re a college student in the US, download these apps and make us proud!

2019’s Best Math Apps for College Students

Are you showing one of the 7 major signs of needing a math tutor? You know—being too busy learning something else, or not being able to admit you need help. (If that sounds like you, click here for more info.)

Fear not. Go paperless this semester and get with the times. Use these apps to help you navigate college math!

1. Mathspace

Too often, students and teachers are focused on the end result. Did you get the answer correct? What was the final result?

Mathspace wants to forget about the final result and focus on the process. How did you arrive at that answer? What made you get there?

This app focuses on learning for purposes such as engagement, personal growth, and meaning. Check it out if you agree.

2. Number Drop

This app, designed for teens and adults, is a game that offers many challenging puzzles to train your brain. It starts easy and gets more difficult as you advance, forcing you to train your arithmetic “better than Sudoku.”

If you want to have a little fun with your learning (and who wouldn’t?), then Number Drop is for you. 

3. Mathlab Graphing Calculator 

This is the ultimate accessory to the college student taking Algebra class.

It performs scientific, graphing, fraction, and matrix calculations all in one handy app. With a few clicks of a smartphone, you eliminate the need for specialty calculators. 

This (free!) graphing calculator app is approved by teachers, students, and parents alike. It’s capable of anything from the simple to the very complex.

4. Photomath

Sometimes, a math problem is really long and may take you just as long to write it out as it does to solve it. Rather than typing the entire problem into an app, why not make it easier by photographing it?

If you’ve got a long problem that’s bothering you, try out this app.

You simply take a photo of the problem and the app delivers an answer and step-by-step solutions. That way you not only know the final result but how you got there, too. 

This app does anything from basic arithmetic to quadratic equations and trigonometry. 

You + a Math App = A+

These are some of the best math apps out there but they’re not the only ones. There are plenty of options—from calculators to graphs, to word problems and more, the internet’s got your back. Tap into your smartphone and see what it has to teach you.

Do you think the world is missing a better math app? Do you have what it takes to create your own? 

Check out our step-by-step guide to developing your own mobile app!