Mo’ Paper Mo’ Problems: Easy Steps to Going Paperless in 2021

Did you know consumers prefer environment-friendly companies? More than a third of consumers prefer sustainable brands, whether they reduce their consumption of paper or turn to newer energy sources like solar power.

If you’re a company that wants to become more environment-friendly, you need to start going paperless. There are a lot of ways for you to do so without having to spend much. You can even start some of these processes today.

Are you ready to know how to go paperless? Read on below to discover more:

How to Start Going Paperless

Here are some of the things you can do to start going paperless at work. They’re all efficient and can guarantee a lot of good benefits in the long run.

Use Paperless Document Storage

This type of document storage is part of the features of Cloud Services. This paperless storage gives you the means of storing and backing up important files and documents within a secure space. It reduces paper use a lot while giving a host of other useful advantages.

You can share your files with your employees as well as customers without a lot of costs. It’s more cost-efficient compared to faxing or using mail services. With off-site file storages, you get an extra layer of protection while giving you complete control over people with access to the files.

Move to Paperless Meetings

You can make good use of information sharing technology in place of handout prints for meetings. All you need is to use an HDMI cable to show your slideshow presentation from your gadget. Everyone in the meeting will see it through the television or projector screens.

By the end of the meeting, everyone will be on the same page. After all, you can share the transcript of the meeting on the cloud. That makes it easier for absentees to catch up and stay efficient.

Use Electronic Communication Methods

The easiest way to start the paperless move is through the use of emails. It’s available through any computer while giving faster means of communication. You get the recipient’s response and have the copy available through your machine.

Another useful method is by using text messages. It’s a great way of sending company memos while contributing to the reduction of company waste. 

You can also opt to go paperless with your utility bills.

If you plan to schedule meetings and other company gatherings, try electronic calendars. That way, you can give a definite schedule for conference calls as well as client calls. All this without spending a single cent on a sheet of paper.

Use Scanners and Scanner Apps to Copy Documents

It’s inevitable to have remaining paper documents after you opt for a paperless office. But it isn’t much of a problem if you have the means of scanning them into a digital format. The most common method is to use a scanner and convert them into PDF files.

Once converted, you can now upload the copies into the cloud. Most printers come with a scanner nowadays, so it isn’t difficult to do. But if all else fails, you can download a scanning app to your gadget.

For security, you can shred the paper documents after the upload finishes. If you can’t dispose of them due to backup reasons, you can use a safety deposit box. Your business’s disaster recovery plan should cover this eventuality.

Use Digital Receipts

No matter what business you are, you can benefit from using digital receipts. After all, this type of receipt will not fade as time passes by. This is an advantage for your customers too since your customer won’t have difficulties knowing the amount they paid.

Digital receipts also offer customization options for specific customers. This will save a lot of time when you’re trying to transact with them. This also increases your bottom line since your paper and ink costs become negligible.

Invest in Energy-Efficient Equipment

A major drawback in using paperless technology is the possible increase in electric bills. It’s especially the case when employees start switching to electronic gadgets to read files and documents. The easy solution is to get devices with energy efficiency.

Get LED lighting while replacing your printers and other equipment with energy-efficient and energy-saving capabilities. This will negate the increased cost coming from all the electronic devices used in your business premises.

Apps are also energy-efficient. These mobile apps ensure everyone, from employees to consumers, access what they need even when on the go. If you don’t know how to develop your own company app, check out our guide here to get a head start.

Lease Your Expensive Equipment

A small business trying to become paperless might need a lot of new gadgets. Some of these include:

  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Portable digital payment devices

A lot of these are expensive, especially if you’re opting for high-quality brands. The best solution for this is to start by leasing them. That way, you have the means of saving up on the costs up-front as well as the repairs, upgrades, and maintenance fees.

Use E-Signatures

There are a lot of problems when signing contracts and agreements. The main issue is the fact that you need to print out long documents that can take several pages. All that paper and all you need in the end are a couple of relevant signatures.

That isn’t the case anymore after the invention of e-signatures. After all, these are valid and legally binding. This enables you and your clients to read on the particulars of the contract and sign them anywhere.

Start Going Paperless Today!

A paperless office will do a lot in saving the trees and the environment. But with that said, a smart business should balance it. This will let you know whether going paperless will affect your business efficiency with costs.

With that said, you can still enjoy benefits, nonetheless. One of these is the increased level of security. After all, your digital documents get stored on secure service—accessible only to people you allow.

But don’t stop here. We have more guides to help you out. If you want to know the five most common security threats to computers, for example, read our list here.