How to Get Better TV Quality and Reception

With more households than ever cutting the cord, people are tired of paying too much for TV. Now, almost one in five households is living cable-free!

If you’re thinking of making the switch, you’re probably concerned about picture quality and getting as many local channels as possible.

We understand and we’re here to help you get the most channels at the highest quality! Keep reading for a brief but helpful guide on how to get better TV quality and reception in a matter of minutes.

Upgrade Your Antenna

Have you noticed a decrease in quality lately? Maybe you’re even missing channels that used to come in crystal-clear.

The bad news is, it might be time to get a new antenna. The good news is, you won’t have to spend a ton of money to do so.

Instead, invest in an antenna that has a greater reach or promises better picture quality. If you’re using a standard-definition antenna on a high-definition TV, you’ll still only pull in SD channels.

If you’re in a rural area, you might need to purchase an antenna with a wider range.

Switch Coaxial Cables

It’s rare that you’ll need to go out and buy a new coaxial cable, but older cables can sometimes cause problems.

Cables, like every other electronic, have a limited shelf-life. Eventually, they start to degrade. Add on the wear and tear of regular movement and usage and you can start to see why your cable could be the culprit.

The good news is that coaxial cables are easy to find and shouldn’t cost more than a few dollars.

If you feel like treating yourself, invest in a cable with more shielding. The thicker a cable’s shielding, the more protection it has, and the longer it’ll last.

Try Different Antenna Placements

If you live in a house, your best bet is to place your antenna on your roof. While this might mean bringing in a professional to install your antenna, it’s worth the premium.

The pros know the best possible placement and can ensure that your antenna won’t budge an inch, even in poor weather. If you’re interested in finding out more, you can read more now at this link.

So what should you do if you live in an apartment or have a smaller antenna?

Experiment with placement. Check online to see the direction of your nearest broadcast tower and make sure your antenna is pointing in that direction.

You’ll want to rescan for channels each time you move the antenna. You might be surprised how many extra channels you can pull in just by moving the antenna a few inches.

Enjoy Better TV With These Tips

Better TV is just a few moments away. If you’ve tried these tips and still aren’t having luck, remember that it’s not a bad idea to invest in an exterior antenna along with professional installation.

It might require some experimentation, but you’ll have an awesome-looking image in no time.

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