Your Guide to Using Dating Apps While Social Distancing

2020 may go down in history as the loneliest year of the millennium. With COVID-19 rearing its ugly head time and time again, individuals have been urged to stay inside and isolate themselves to avoid further infections across the world.

With all of these frustrating limits to social interaction, it’s no wonder that the world of online dating has exploded. But how can you date someone if you can’t even meet them in person? Read on to learn how to use dating apps to your advantage in the era of COVID-19.

Should You Use Dating Apps?

Yes. No. Maybe so. 

In all honesty, choosing to hop on a dating app is a very personal decision. For some people, these apps do more harm than good. But for others, they can be the key to finding a soulmate. 

If you’re not into texting or have trouble responding in a timely fashion, maybe now’s not the time to start using a dating app. (This is especially true for people who get anxious about not responding to texts!)

Ultimately, the only thing you can do is give it a try. If you don’t like it, there’s nothing wrong with that! No one needs more stress added to their plate right now, so you should do what feels right for you, no matter what your peers are up to. 

Embrace Honesty

While companies like Roivant Sciences continue to look for ways to treat patients with COVID-19, it sometimes feels like a solution to this pandemic isn’t going to show up any time soon. But there are some small silver linings to this period of isolation.

This time of quarantine has brought about an incredible amount of support and honesty on social media platforms. When everyone’s stuck at home at the same time, there’s no more FOMO or concerns about missing out on an awesome Friday night party. 

Everyone’s been feeling a bit down lately, and that shared experience is making the world a more empathetic place. That applies to Tinder and Bumble, too.

So, take this time to really be honest in your profile, to your matches, and to yourself. 

COVID-19 Compatibility

With a public health crisis on our hands, it’s impossible to avoid talking about COVID at least a little bit on your dating app of choice. 

So, if you’re going to talk about it anyway, take the time to get to know the comfort level of your match. Their thoughts on the pandemic can reveal a lot about your compatibility!

For example, see how they feel about face coverings. If they say something like “Why do I need that? I’m not immunocompromised,” you can probably assume that they either aren’t paying attention or are hugely inconsiderate. 

Safety First

If you’re thinking about meeting up with someone from one of your favorite dating apps right now, make sure that you two at least have similar levels of comfort when it comes to social distancing, face coverings, and self-quarantining practices.

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