How Can I Increase the Battery Lifespan of My Smartphone?

Regardless of what smartphone you use, there is one aspect of owning a smartphone that unites us all together!

Unfortunately, that is our battery lifespan – or lack of it. The iPhone X is as popular as any previous iPhone model – but that doesn’t mean it has been safe from battery complaints.

So what can we do? Is there a way that we can prolong our battery life?

The good news is: yes. There are several ways to improve your phone’s lifespan without always having to wait for a fully charged battery.

Prolong Your Battery Lifespan

No longer will you have to stress about your phone dying while you are in the middle of something important.

Follow these steps to preserve and prolong your battery lifespan:

1. Go for a Charging Station

While the charger that comes with your phone is not bad, there are better options. You want to look for a smartphone charging station. Actually, you want the Best Smartphone Charging Station.

This device will have added features to improve charging. For example, many charging stations will have different charging options. This can include 1A for slow charging – which is best for nighttime charging while you are sleeping. Or you can use 2A for added speed.

2. Pull out When the Charge Is Full

Do you find yourself leaving your phone on the charger even after it has a fully charged battery?

This is a recipe for disaster. It can lead to stress on voltage and the temperature of your phone. This means that the next time you charge it your phone may not get an adequate charge.

You likely keep your phone charged during the night and it lies fully charged for hours while you sleep. Unless you are expecting an emergency call, you do not need to keep it charged all night.

3. Don’t Play Games! Don’t Watch Videos Either!

Of course, you can play games and watch videos on your phone. But it is not advisable to do so while your phone is charging.

This is known as a parasitic load which means that part of your phone’s battery deteriorates. This, of course, slows down charging.

Ideally, you should keep your phone off while charging. While this may not always be possible, you want to avoid doing parasitic load activities when charging your phone.

4. Stay out of the Heat

Heat is the death of your battery life. Heat can cause stress to your battery and weaken its capacity. If your battery is rapidly deteriorating, a full charge will not prolong its life.

Ideally, your phone should be kept in temperature between 77 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping it at a higher temperature will lead to it deteriorating.

If your phone does end up in a high-temperature area, try your best to later keep it in a much cooler area so that the battery can recover.

If it is too late, then you should probably have your battery replaced altogether.

Charge Away!

Now that you know how to prolong your smartphone’s battery lifespan, you can charge away! 

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