Why you should take Online Privacy seriously

With all this talk about online privacy lately, many are beginning to wonder what all the hype’s about. This is especially true for people who just use their computers for daily things like sending emails and going on Facebook. Why bother with all these complicated online tools to help make your browsing experience more private? Do you really need enhanced security measures, like a VPN?

Here are three important reasons to be concerned about your online privacy:

1.   You Can Be Easily Identified

The collection of data from all of your browsing and online experience amounts to what is known as your “Online Fingerprint.” Ever wonder how Facebook manages to show you ads that are relevant to what you’re interested in – even if you haven’t talked to anyone on Facebook about these things?

By collecting information about our search history, our emails, and our online activity, some agencies are able to develop a fairly accurate depiction of our identity and our personality without actually coming into contact with us. Clearly, this is something that is very concerning.

2.   Your Friends Are At Risk

There is a lot of evidence that different government agencies collect and analyze data from social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. You might think that this isn’t an issue if you’re not doing anything suspicious.

Unfortunately, companies are also using the data of people that you communicate with to develop complex social maps and graphs to identify the relations between different social groups. This means that, without protecting your privacy, your friends and family may fall under the radar.

3.   You Might Get Sold

It’s well-known by now that many social networking companies are able to stay free because they profit by selling the information of their users to various companies and statistical groups.

For these reasons, it is strongly encouraged to take the necessary steps and protect your privacy online.