Marketing Matters: 5 Reasons Why Design Is Super Important

As human beings, we’re all visual learners to some extent. With the content we consume online, on television, and face to face, we digest visual cues. These visual cues help us make decisions like what to spend our money on, who to talk to, and where to focus.

With so much clutter in digital marketing, a brand must stand out from the masses to succeed. Research shows that first impressions are 94 percent design-related, so emphasizing web design is key. 

Here are five reasons that your company’s web design should be at the top of your priority list. 

1. Makes a Lasting Impression

Once a potential consumer has clicked on your website, it takes only one-tenth of a second to form an impression. While we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, brands must cater to the fact that people love looking at beautiful things.

When designing your website, look at your visuals from a consumer’s lens. Are your key points distinct, easy to follow, and appealing to look at? These details of design will make or break your brand’s success. 

2. Increases Brand Awareness

Brand awareness refers to the rate at which your consumers can recall your brand under different conditions. Any successful brand owner would strive for a high level of brand awareness, as it builds loyalty, relationships, and sales.

For a quality web design, your brand’s color scheme, fonts, and formats across pages should be consistent. This helps drive home your tone of voice, values, and unique selling proposition. The best web design companies can create consistent visuals that will improve brand awareness. 

3. Improves SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, refers to the visibility of your website through a search engine. As consumers search for content, you’ll want your website to appear at the top of the search list. Great web design can help bump your brand up that list and get more clicks. 

Websites with broken links, complicated coding, and large files impact the brand’s SEO. With quality designs, it’s more likely that your website will be easier to find, quicker to load, and more visible on search engines. 

4. Helps Your Brand Evolve

Marketing is an everchanging landscape. By the end of 2020, mobile commerce may account for 45 percent of the total e-commerce industry. When your brand prioritizes web design, you’re supporting the shift to mobile and evolving with the trends. 

There’s never been more competition and more people online than right now. As a brand with an online website, you must assume that much of your audience is scrolling on their mobile phones.

With professional web design, your website will be transferrable between desktop and mobile. When designing a website, be sure that it can keep up with changing trends. 

5. Builds Lasting Relationships

You may be thinking, “Can web design really help build relationships?” The answer is a definitive yes.

Research shows that 88 percent of online consumers are less likely to return to a website after a poor digital experience. Even if your landing page is passable, the rest of your web design must maintain user focus. Your visuals can either turn consumers away or provide high-quality, memorable experiences. 

With great web design, you’ll increase the rate of returning customers and help build lasting relationships.  

Invest in Web Design Today

Now that you’ve learned five reasons why web design is important, does your site hit the mark? For a more successful brand, invest in your online visuals today. 

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