5 Key Reasons to Use Google Cloud Hosting for Business

Are you still searching for the right cloud hosting provider for your business?

Cloud hosting is an increasing trend for businesses looking to make the most of their web applications. There are many different providers of cloud hosting, so it can be difficult to know who to choose.

Fear Not! Read on for 5 key reasons you should be using Google Cloud Hosting for your business.

1. Constant Development

Google Cloud Hosting falls under the umbrella of the Google Cloud Platform. We’ve seen Google continue to improve its infrastructure as customer needs and requirements change and grow.

For example, Google infrastructure is expanding to new locations all the time. It currently is available in 18 locations. Zurich and Switzerland are the latest additions coming in this year.

2. Serious Security

Cybercrime is set to cost the world $6 trillion by 2021, so having good security has never been more important. Google has put a lot of resources into hiring expert security professionals. These experts are working to keep servers and data protected. Encryption is in place on all Cloud Platform Services data.

Google pride themselves on the strong network of ISPs, helping to keep the network secure. They are also making process-based investments. You can rest easy knowing Google takes security very seriously.

3. Better Pricing Plans

On average, Google Cloud Hosting pricing plans cost less than other hosting competitors. There are also per second billing plans to take advantage of.

A big advantage is you’re not bound by the subscription once you’ve signed up. You can stop it whenever you want to. This means if you find better pricing offers, you can switch your subscription over with ease.

With Google Cloud Hosting plans, there are no upfront costs either. There is also a free trial version for you to test out first. Google Cloud Hosting’s cheaper, easier, easy-to-switch payment plans are a huge benefit.

4. Private Network Advantages

You’ll be getting the most out of your time and efficiency because Google Cloud Hosting uses a private network. This means Google is providing its own network. The benefit of this is that by using a private network, Google has more control and scalability.

A private network comes into its own when combined with fiber-optic cables. These cables are by far more efficient and are a staple for Google when spreading their network. As such, it means the network can withstand huge amounts of traffic and still perform at its best.

5. Improved Execution

At a business level, there have been a lot of performance improvements. Remote access is great, allowing you to access the data from any location.

Once you are set up by a certified Google partner, you will see some real benefits. The large infrastructure allows the network to complete a lot of complicated operations at once with ease.

It can also handle large numbers of visitor traffic at any one time. You’ll see a noticeable improvement on website loading times.

Google Cloud Hosting – The Way to Go

As you can see, there are some great key advantages to using Google Cloud Hosting. The performance improvements are not to be sniffed at and the pricing plans are simple and easy.

Google take future development and data security with the utmost seriousness. So you know that your data will be safe and secure for a long time to come.

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