Kill The Boredom: 8 Best Time Killing Games for Your iPhone

Whether you’re stuck waiting at the DMV or sitting on a commuter train, sometimes you need some help killing boredom.

Usually, in these instances, we pull out our smartphones and check our social feeds or text a friend. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a fun game to immerse yourself in instead?

We suggest downloading a few video games to your iPhone as a solution. But with over 500 games submissions hitting the IOS App Store every day, how do you know which games are the best?

Read on as we reveal eight of the best time killing games available to play on your iPhone today.

1. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a BioWare classic and one of the best role-playing games (RPGs) of all time.

KOTAR is set four thousand years before Luke, Leia and Han Solo were creating history. The evil Sith is destroying hundreds of Jedi Knights. You are the last hope for the Order.

Which path will you choose? Will you fight the ruthless Sith? Or will you fall prey to the Dark Side?

2. Black Desert Mobile

This incredibly popular PC game is now available on mobile devices and it hasn’t missed a beat. Black Desert Mobile features the best mobile graphics in a  massively multiplayer online (MMO) game. And the combat action is top-notch for a mobile game.

Creating characters requires a different UI than the PC version, but you can find the same features to create your character. You’ll likely spend at least a couple of hours in character creation. But since we’re killing time, who really cares?

You will still find all the fun elements that made it one of the best PC games, including the same classes and exploring areas. You’ll love the non-combat activities like crafting, gathering and the AFK simulator.  

Get it. Play it. This game will keep your mind busy and cure your boredom.

3. Summoners War

Summoners War is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) akin in nature to Pokémon.

It’s a combat game set in a fantasy world where you will be fighting some arena battles. Different factions fight to control the land’s magical mana crystal supply. This is achieved through the use of powerful “summoners” who have the ability to control many different types of monsters. 

So the idea is to collect as many monsters as possible through combat. At the same time, you can build and expand your own magical headquarters. More details are available at the Summoners War Website.

4. The Room: Old Sins

If you’re not familiar with The Room series, it’s time to immerse yourself in the Old Sins installment. This dubious puzzle game captivates your mind by requiring you to manipulate illusions and mechanisms, spelling death for boredom.

Old Sins has a strong storyline which explores the mysterious power behind the puzzle boxes. This puzzle is an eerie doll house you must explore in order to solve various challenges.

The skill curve does not go overboard but is challenging enough to hold your interest.

5. Gorogoa

Gorogoa could just as easily be called Perspectives. Because this game is all about playing with perspective in every way imaginable. 

The game contains beautiful imagery in the hand-drawn comic squares and it takes touch screen puzzling to the next level. You interact with the various objects to move the story forward. You can move doors, or match up doll house elements and explore the perspectives as you attempt to solve these challenging puzzles. 

The game is immensely satisfying. Yes, it’s hard, but that’s what makes it so worth it.

6. Hidden Folks

Hidden Folks is an addictive hidden object game along the lines of Where’s Waldo. The games are in black and white and you’ll be fully engaged trying to find the target items at each level.

Notable are the hipster sound effects from game creator Adriaan de Jongh. It’s fun. It’s campy. It’s hip. 

Most of all, it’s captivating and serves as a fantastic time killer.

7. Crusaders of Light

Talk about massively multiplayer — Crusaders of Light allows you to create teams of up to 40 people. You and your posse are set loose in this 3D fantasy game to fight bosses, raid dungeons and collect loot.  You will battle the invaders who took over the Desolation Wall, a symbol of peace for 700 years.

NetEase Games brings top-tier graphics to this game that are comparable to the best PC games.

Start by choosing among four skill classes: Warrior, Ranger, Mystic and Paladin. Each class contains its own unique challenges.  There’s plenty of challenging battles and hundreds of paths. Can you advance and reach the new legendary status level 55?

In all, this game delivers over 300 hours of gameplay and is a safe bet when you need a fun game to pass the time.

8. Slayin

If you love the old school throwbacks and retro aesthetic, Slayin is a must-download. I don’t know what I like better, the simple yet intense action on the screen or the directional and action buttons you use to take down your enemies.

From the minute you start the game, enemies come at you from all directions. And all you’ve got are these old school controls to eliminate them.

But that’s where Slayin differentiates itself for most retro games. These virtual controls are sterling performers. Mobile technology has come a long way and each button on this game, while aesthetically complimentary to the game’s style, doesn’t miss a beat performance wise. No missed presses here.

It looks like a classic arcade game, but the action is good for any era. If you want a simple game you can resist playing, this is the one.

The Bottom Line About the Best Time Killing Games

It’s 2019, which means if you’ve got a smartphone, boredom should never be a problem. Download one of the best time killing games from above and the boredom problem is solved.

What’s your favorite iPhone game to kill the time? 

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