How to Live Comfortably on a Shoe String Budget

Are you in a financial rut trying to figure out a way to save more money and live more comfortably? For many people, living paycheck to paycheck leaves no extra money for shopping, eating out, going on vacations, or paying off debt.

The key to improving the quality of your life is to understand how money works, and what you can do about it. For example, tracking every penny that comes and goes is one of the best ways to see just how much you earn and spend.

Keep reading to discover the best tips on managing your money so you can live comfortably without worrying about making ends meet.

Track Your Expenses

If you want to know exactly where your money goes, you should track your income and expenses. Know exactly how much you make in a month so you can time your expenses better, and still have some money left in your savings account.

This way, if you decide you need a bigger salary to live comfortably, you can calculate how to get there without stressing about your expenses. There are tons of budgeting apps to help you allocate your resources and keep track of your cash flow.

Spend Less and Save More

One of the most effective rules for living comfortably is to spend less and save more. To see how this would work, use a living wage calculator, then subtract your expenses, and how much there’s left. If this is not enough, look into your monthly spending and see where you can save more.

For example, if you eat out a few times a week or buy coffee at coffee shops every day, try cooking at home more or make your own coffee. Little things add up quickly, and when you do the math, you’ll be surprised at how much you spend on unnecessary things that don’t make your life better.

Define What Living Comfortably Means for You

Different people and families have different definitions of the quality of life they want. For some people, taking a few vacations a year or eating out at least once a week is living comfortably. For others, it’s shopping trips, weekends away, or having the latest tech gadgets.

So how much money do you need to live comfortably? You should decide what you consider basic expenses and what luxury means for you.

Earn Money on the Side

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to earn some extra money, both online and offline. You can start a freelance business on the side, do affiliate marketing, write a blog, drive an Uber, get a part-time job, or doing small tasks for others.

Once you find a way to boost your income, you can pay yourself using online tools like to create paystubs. This is a great way to track your earnings and live more comfortably.

Don’t Rely on Your Credit Cards

Paying things with credit cards is becoming normal for families, but in fact, you’re spending the bank’s money, not your own. Though it seems hard to stop relying on credit cards, you should use them only for emergencies.

After all, you will pay that money back with interest, and you risk the bank closing your account at any time without warning.

Now You Can Live Comfortably on Any Salary!

You don’t have to make millions to live comfortably and afford beautiful things. Learning how to manage your finances, track your expenses, and save money for rainy days will change your life.

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