Give One, Give All: How to Run a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

The total amount of money raised through crowdfunding will hit $300 billion by 2025. Given that only $2.1 billion was raised from 2014 to 2016, its evident crowdfunding is increasingly becoming a popular way to raise money.

The beauty of crowdfunding is you can raise money for anything from a social cause to a business venture.

Unfortunately, as this method gets more popular, it’s getting harder to run a successful crowdfunding campaign. At any given time, there are thousands of people and organizations running these campaigns, meaning funders are having a hard time choosing where to contribute.

The good news?

This article fleshes out a couple of tips you can use to give your campaign an edge.

Is Your Campaign Worthy of Being Funded?

The first step to running a successful crowdfunding campaign is to determine whether your idea deserves to be funded.

Just because millions of people across the globe are contributing to various campaigns doesn’t mean they’ve open wallets. They’re funding worthy projects.

To establish whether your campaign is fundable, do an online search and establish whether there are similar campaigns – active or closed. If yes, did they meet or surpass their goals? If similar campaigns didn’t generate any interest, yours could follow the same trend.

You can also bounce the idea off the people close to you. If most of them would be willing to fund it even if it weren’t yours, you’re good to give it a go.

Choose a Suitable Crowdfunding Platform

There are tens of crowdfunding sites, all sharing a similar goal: to help you raise the money you need for your project.

However, these sites aren’t created equal. Some, like Kickstarter and GoFundMe, are way more popular and cater to just about everybody. There are also smaller ones that cater to specific niches, such as charitable causes or real estate entrepreneurs.

When choosing a crowdfunding platform, identify one that most suits your campaign. If you’re looking for funding for an art project, it might be more effective to find a platform that specifically supports such campaigns.

In most instances, though, you’ll find that Kickstarter has a bigger appeal. The site offers powerful campaign management tools that’ll boost your chances of getting funded. If you settle on this platform, be sure to take advantage of Kickstarter marketing opportunities.

Craft a Story That Evokes Emotion and Stirs Action

Often, the difference between a successful crowdfunding campaign and a failed one is the story behind them.

If you can craft a powerful message for your campaign, you’ll have accomplished half the job. Potential funders want to know the story behind your project. How will it change lives or communities?

In short, take your time to write an appeal that moves hearts.

Promote Your Campaign on Social Media

After your campaign goes live, promote it widely.

Use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitters, and Instagram to share posts about your campaign. Ask people in your social circles to share it with their online friends. If you know some influential bloggers, request them to give the campaign a mention on their platforms.

The more you promote your campaign, the higher the number of people it will reach. In fact, it could even go viral.

It’s Possible to Run a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding is an ideal way to raise money for your projects. However, there’s no guarantee that your campaign will take off and meet its funding targets. With these tips, though, you’re in a good position to run a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Good luck and keep tabs on our blog for more tips and hacks.