Fight for It, Bluetooth and Nail! Weight Loss Gadgets to Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

Choosing to lose weight is an exciting and life-altering decision. By shedding some pounds, you’ll decrease your chance of heart disease, cancer, depression, and joint damage and pain.

And, thankfully, losing weight is easier than ever thanks to some exciting weight loss gadgets. These gadgets will help you eat smarter, workout more efficiently, and even have some fun along the way.

Here are a few of our favorite weight loss gadgets you should be sure to check out.

1. Fitbit Charge 3

Wearable tech is all the rage these days, with companies like Apple and Samsung dominating the field.

While the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear may offer functions like step tracking or heart rate monitoring, they’re not advanced enough to give you the in-depth analytics you need to lose weight.

If you’re looking for the best weight loss watch, go with a dedicated fitness tracker, like the Fitbit Charge 3. Fitbit’s app offers customized health plans, as well as guidance and community support, so you can even get your friends in on the fun.

You should be able to pick up a Charge 3 for around $150 — less than half the cost of an Apple Watch.

2. UA HOVR Sonic Connected Running Shoes

Connectivity is a big theme among modern weight loss accessories. But it isn’t just smartwatches and Bluetooth-enabled scales anymore.

Now, even your footwear has built-in tech!

Under Armour’s HOVR Sonic Connected series tracks every step, stride, skip, and sprint for measurements that are often more accurate than most fitness trackers. Surprisingly, they cost about the same, too.

The Sonic Connected series is available in both men and women’s sizes and can be yours for a little more than the cost of a standard pair of running shoes.

3. Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale

As you start your fitness journey, you’ll need a way to accurately track your progress.

But don’t dig out that old bathroom scale you’ve had under your sink. Most scales lose accuracy over time and require constant recalibration.

Instead, consider a smart scale like the Fitbit Aria. As the name suggests, the scale syncs your data to your phone, so you’ll never have to worry about inaccurate measurements or forgetting to enter your weight.

4. VzFIT

Stationary bikes are a great way to burn some calories. Unfortunately, they aren’t all that fun.

The makers of VirZOOM understand the struggle and created a stationary bike that works with virtual reality headsets to provide a fun, gamified version of your standard workout.

After strapping on a compatible headset, users move using the pedals and steer with the handlebars. The 1:1 tracking even allows bikers to steer by leaning.

5. AccuWeight Digital Kitchen Scale

It doesn’t matter how much you work out: If you aren’t eating right, it’s almost impossible to lose weight.

To make sure you’re staying within your caloric budget, you’ll need a way of measuring your food. The AccuWeight Digital Kitchen Scale is one of the most affordable and accurate digital scales available.

You can pick it up from Amazon for about $13 plus shipping, and your purchase comes with a year-long warranty.

6. Retrofit

Starting the path to a healthier lifestyle can be a challenge, especially since everyone’s needs are different. To make sure your fitness plan is effective and safe, you’ll want to consult your doctor before making any major lifestyle changes.

Sadly, many people instead jump head first into the latest fad diets instead of seeking medical advice. Not only do these fad diets not work, but many are outright dangerous, shocking your system and leading to weeks of illness.

Retrofit pairs you with a registered dietician, physiologist, and behavioral coach to make sure you’re losing weight safely. Though it’s pretty expensive (plans start at $248 per month), it’s a small price to pay for a better quality of life.

7. JBL Charge 3 Portable Speaker

You’re going to need a speaker that works as hard as you do. The JBL Charge 3 may look small, but it packs one heck of a punch thanks to its built-in bass radiator.

The speakers have an estimated battery life of up to 20 hours and allow for Bluetooth connectivity with up to three devices.

Included USB output makes it possible to charge your phone or tablet, too, making it a must-have for your gym bag.

If you’re looking to learn more, or want some other alternatives, check out this review.

8. HydraCoach 2.0 Smart Bottle

While there’s still some debate over how much we really need to drink in a given day, most experts agree that the average person doesn’t get enough water. If you’re dehydrated, you’re likely to experience headaches, nausea, and fatigue.

The HydraCoach Smart Bottle is a great way to make sure you’re getting enough water. And make no mistake, this thing really lives up to the smart bottle moniker.

During your first use, you’ll enter some basic data about yourself, such as your weight loss goals and current weight and height. Then, the bottle will automatically calculate your recommended daily water intake.

The bottle keeps track of how much water is stored at a given moment, so all you have to do is fill and sip.

9. The Oculus Rift/Oculus Go

The Oculus Rift isn’t just a virtual reality gaming headset — it’s a fitness tool, too.

Games like Thrill of the Fight and Beat Saber are great ways to burn some calories while having fun.

If you don’t have the room or budget for a full-blown VR-ready PC and headset, the Oculus Go provides a similar experience on a much smaller scale.

Say goodbye to the gym and get ready to get fit through fun.

10. Push Wristband

Ever wondered how hard you’re pushing yourself at the gym? No need to guess anymore.

The Push Wristband is custom-built for those who lift. It uses data from your reps to provide helpful advice and build a workout that helps you gradually improve, decreasing your chances of muscle and back injury.

These Weight Loss Gadgets Will Change How You View Fitness

Dieting and working out isn’t always enjoyable. But with these weight loss gadgets, you’ll get better results that work with your specific needs.

Be sure to check out these gadgets today. Your workout just became a whole lot cooler.

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