Energy Solutions: How to Charge an iPhone Faster

There are 700 million iPhone users in the world today. Our iPhones help us regulate our tasks, keep us communicating and entertained while shopping or checking our email at our fingertips.

So when the battery dies, it can be pretty disappointing!

Luckily, there are tricks to on how to charge an iPhone faster, so you can return to your activities and lifestyle. 

If you’re constantly draining the battery in your iPhone and you need it quickly, check out these tips below. 

10 Tips on How to Charge an iPhone Faster

Wondering what the fastest way to charge an iPhone is? Getting your iPhone battery filled again doesn’t have to take forever. Here are a few ideas to get the battery juice up quickly. 

1. Charger Matters

The charger that comes with your phone package is sufficient. However, other chargers and adapters are compatible with some iPhones. 

An iPad adapter, for example, is a significantly powerful charger compared to the iPhone adapter, supplying the device with 12 watts of power and charging the battery 40% faster. iPhone chargers top in at about 5 watts. 

Using an iPad adapter to charge an iPhone has been a debatable topic because of some worry that the power could harm the battery. Apple laid fears to rest and spoken out saying it’s completely safe to use an iPad adapter when charging an iPhone. 

2. Use Your Computer

Wall chargers and iPad adapters are the most common and recommended way to charge your iPhone faster. However, if you’re in a pinch and lacking an adapter, plugging the lighting cable into your laptop is sufficient. 

Make sure your computer is also plugged into a power source to maintain battery life, and avoid syncing while the device is charging. 

3. Take Off The Case

At first, removing the iPhone case sounds like an old-wives technology tale. But there could be a shred of truth to it. 

Charging the iPhone produces extra heat, and for iPhones to charge adequately, temperatures must remain stable. Removing the case may prevent overheating and additional damage to the battery.

After a full charge, test your phone’s temperature. If it’s warm, consider taking off the case during its next charge. 

4. Let The Battery Die

Batteries work hard.

Allowing your iPhone to die entirely at least once a month, or even every three months, could prolong its life. Apple iPhone’s batteries are lithium-based, and for prime performance, the electrons must be kept active. Draining your battery from a full charge to empty helps preserve it so it can work more efficiently. 

5. Clean the Port

You may not realize this, but the lighting port is a perfect place to collect dirt, dust, and debris, especially if you have a tendency to jam your phone in your pocket! 

All that junk could be hindering the charge. To clean, turn off the phone, and use a toothpick (gently!), to scrap any signs of dust or dirt. Resume charging session. 

6. Solar Power Generator

Emergencies happen, and when they do, it’s critical that they have their iPhones fully charged.

It’s important to have a solar power generator because emergencies do occur. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to charge your phone, a solar power generator could be a savior. 

7. Turn it Off

When your phone is on it’s using power. Charging your phone while your phone is on sucks some of the charges to keep the phone running. Powering off your phone completely ensures all the charge goes directly to the battery instead of being dispersed. 

8. Watch The Temperature

Heat, as discussed before, can damage your battery little by little over time. Permitting your phone to sit in extreme weather conditions can make it harder to charge. In some cases, your phone will alert you saying that the temperature is not ideal for charging. 

This is how to get your iPhone to charge faster if you’ve left it in blazing heat or freezing temperature: let the temperature return to normal and proceed with charging. 

9. Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is all the rage in 2019, making it easier to charge all your electronics in one convenient place. 

Apple’s wireless charger provides a 7.5-watt charge, which is slightly more than a standard iPhone charger. If you’ve done a software update to iOS 11.2, your phone is good to go for wireless charging. 

If you’re looking elsewhere for wireless chargers, make sure they offer a charge of 7.5-watts for your iPhone.

10. Turn on Airplane Mode

Turning off the iPhone might send some people into shock, so if you need your iPhone to charge faster, try putting it on airplane mode.

Airplane mode turns off the phone’s ability to search for WiFi and cellular signals so it can focus more on charging. 

Charging Problems

No phone battery is meant to last forever. If you’ve tried all of the above and you’re still wondering how to make your iPhone charge faster, or your charge is consistently slow, nonexistent, or drains quickly, the battery could be out of life, or the software could be problematic. Whenever you notice your battery life is not cutting it, consult a professional.

Charge It!

When you think about how to charge an iPhone faster, especially if you’re in a pinch, remember these tips. Sometimes batteries will charge only as fast as they can no matter what you do, but it’s worth a shot to try!

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