7 Best Accounting Programs for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Accounting is crucial to all businesses, as it helps them know whether the business is making profits or losses. A few years ago, computed accounting was only for the lucky few, but now, most financial operations are done in the cloud.

This means that small and medium-sized business accountants can enjoy the benefits of computed accounting without having to go through cumbersome training or installing expensive software.

Below are seven of the best accounting programs in the market today.

1. Intuit QuickBooks

QuickBooks is one of the best inventory software in the market. It has many tools and features that will help make invoicing and accounting easy. The program can track incomes and expenses, run payroll, and generate useful reports to help you understand the financial performance of your company.

What is more, QuickBooks has various plans for the self-employed, for the SME’s, and even for the large enterprises.

Another benefit of QuickBooks is its user-friendliness. It is a very comprehensive program that is easy to navigate. It is not cluttered or bloated.

Everything about this software is easy to understand, which means that everyone in your team will have an easy time finding whatever they want. Since this program has online and mobile app solutions, you can access it at any time and place. It is an affordable software that small businesses can get at a monthly plan of $24. There are many versions of QuickBooks (Pro, Premier, Enterprise) that cater to different requirements of businesses. Try out QuickBooks Hosting on a Citrix xendesktop VDI from a trusted intuit authorized standard host provider – Apps4Rent.

2. FreshBooks

If you have been sending out recurring invoices, operating a subscription type of business, or requiring time-tracking tools, FreshBooks is the right software for you.

Even better is the fact that you can see a customer’s exact location when they open your invoice. This means that you’ll know when a customer says they never received your invoice, but they actually did.

FreshBooks integrates with various business applications on one dashboard to help you manage your accounting processes. This accounting program offers regular and safe backups. It also has mobile applications that help to keep you on the know about your business all the time.

The price of FreshBooks depends on the plan you choose and includes:

  • Lite -$24 every month for 5 customers
  • Plus- $25 every month for a team of 50 customers
  • Premium- $50 every month for a group of 500 customers
  • Yearly plan available at 10% off

3. Tipalti

Tipalti, a cloud-based management program, can automate payments. This program helps companies to meet their deadlines accurately. With it, you can avoid problems such as late payments, non-compliance, human error complications, and administrative overload.

One of the leading problems that accounting teams face is spending a lot of time on financial management. However, Tipalti helps to reduce this time significantly.

Additionally, Tipalti can automatically perform a company’s payment operations all over the world. It can streamline payments in about 190 nations. It doesn’t require a lot of human intervention to operate.

Your experience as a vendor or customer in making payments is also improved. Tipalti offers first-time clients a free trial. You can use this chance to check out the features before asking for a customized price.

4. Wave 

Wave is very popular among independent contractors and freelancers. However, it is also a perfect billing software for small business with less than ten employees. One of the most important features about Wave is that it’s easy to use.

It was designed for ordinary clients who don’t understand the accounting jargon. With Wave, you can see the most important information first. For example, invoice status and cash balances are among the things you’d want to see regularly.

Wave ensures that such tools are not blocked by other tools you don’t need to operate your business. Wave is a free program. However, if you want additional features such as payroll, you’ll have to pay.

All in all, it’s a great way to get started. However, if you want to grow rapidly, you can opt for this software.

5. Zoho Expense

With Zoho Expense, tracking, and reporting your expenses becomes easier. It automatically manages tasks while recording all your company’s business transactions. This program can convert receipts into expenses, which are then collated and used to generate reports.

There is a free trial that you can use to see if the software is what you’d want for your business.

Other important features include:

  • Being accessed from any place and at any time from any device
  • Capturing credit card transaction expenses
  • Has Zoho CRM and Zoho Books, which means that clients can do a lot in a single account

You can get Zoho Expense for $15 per month, but a customized quote is also available if you require more features.

6. Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct is a bookkeeping app used to perform all of a company’s accounting transactions and cloud computing processes. This program is made to improve a company’s financial productivity and performance. For these reasons, most accounting firms offer it to their clients.

Sage Intacct makes it easy to enter information and minimize errors. It offers support for different currencies, making it easy to compute for currency difference.

It also reduces income losses and control costs and margins. With its ability to automate sales tax management, it’s able to streamline compliance.

Other benefits of this program are:

  • Ability to process payments fast
  • Customized reporting
  • Solid reputation
  • Many accounting features available

You can get Sage Intacct at various prices with the least being $400 every month.

7. Brightperl

Brightpearl is one of the best accounting software for mac. With it, you can manage accounting, orders, client information, and inventory from one platform. Brightpearl helps retailers to get total control of their companies’ operations.

This gives them time to focus on more important tasks such as merchandising. This highly-flexible app helps to make timely and precise shipments all the time. It also has automatic accounting functions that make it easy to manage finances.

The pricing details for this app are not available, but you can contact the vendor for further details.

Best Accounting Programs

With the above seven best accounting programs, managing your company’s finances and activities just got easier. You should invest in a program the suits your company early on so that you can upgrade or look for other solutions that suit your growing needs. We can help by offering advice on the best apps based on the type of business you operate.

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