6 Apps for Office-Goers Who Want to Improve Their Posture

About 80% of the world population has experienced back pain at some point in their lives.

Back pain can be caused by having poor posture, and if you sit in an office all day, you may be one of the many people who have bad posture. 

Bad posture is so common that some companies have even created apps to help you improve your posture and relieve your back pain. 

Discover the best posture apps to improve your posture here.

1. Upright GO Posture Trainer

The Upright Go has a device that you can wear as long as an app that helps you track your progress and posture. 

The device is a strapless device that you put on your upper back. It helps correct your posture by sending small vibrations every time it detects that you need to stand or sit up straight. 

Upright claims that eight out of ten people who have used this reported improved posture within just the first two weeks.

The app is also a great addition to this device. Like a workout app, it gives you personalized training where you can set goals for yourself. These goals will help train and strengthen your core and back so that you can have better posture even when you’re not wearing the device. 

On the app, you can track and see when your posture is slouched or when you actually had good posture. This way you can see if you’re making progress. You will also get a score from the app every day. 

You can use this app on iOS or Android for free, but you do have to buy the device.  

2. Lumo Back

Lumo Back is another great app to help you improve your posture. 

There is more tech to wear with this, so you will have to buy that as well. However, the app is free on iOS and Android phones. 

If you really want to improve your posture, it may be worth the price tag for you. 

Instead of attaching to your upper back, this device comes on an elastic waistband. It sends data to your phone through Bluetooth. You can set daily activities to strengthen your core and also track your progress.

On the app, you can create a stick figure avatar to look like yourself and add a little personalization. The avatar will change colors to let you know if your posture is good or not. If your posture is good, it will turn green. However, if your posture is bad, the avatar will turn yellow. 

If your avatar turns yellow at any point, a vibration will be sent to your wearable device to let you know that your posture is bad. 

3. Nekoze

This app is also available on a computer program if you want to have access to it while you’re working.

This fun app is named after the Japanese word for stooped. If your posture is bad, like a scared cat’s round back, a cartoon cat will meow on the screen to help remind you to straighten your posture. If you have it on your office computer, don’t worry, you can turn the volume down. 

The cat will stop meowing once you fix your posture. You can also customize the sensitivity of the device. You’ll also have access to different videos to help you figure out different muscle stretches. 

You can download this program on any computer, but the cat will only meow if you have a MacBook. 

4. Simply Align

If you work in an office, chances are you normally use your computer and phone on a regular basis. Hunching over a computer or phone can cause bad posture. Even if you have standing desk accessories, you may still find that your back is hurting at the end of the day. 

Simply Align is an app that you can download on your iPhone to help track your posture. This app was made by the Simply Align rehabilitation center which is based in Canada.

When using this app, it will send you reminders every now and then to straighten your posture. With these reminders, you will start to be more aware of how bad your posture is.   

5. Perfect Posture Workout

The Perfect Posture Workout is another app that is only available on iOS. 

This app is really handy, with daily, on-the-go reminders to make sure that you have the best posture possible. 

To start using this app, you’ll need to calibrate it first. To do this, stand against a wall with your phone in a shirt pocket. The app then guides you through a few posture activities and exercises. 

Once you start to slouch during these workouts, your phone will start to vibrate to let you know that your posture needs to be fixed. 

If you are interested in tracking your posture’s progress over time, this is definitely the app for you. 

6. Posture

If you liked Nekoze, then you’d probably like Posture as well.

This app for Android phones utilizes the gravity sensor to figure out how you are holding your phone. If you’re holding it wrong in a way that detects bad posture, then the logo for the app with show up on the screen, reminding you to fix your posture. 

You can personalize the app and decide how strict you want it to be with reminding you to fix your posture. You can even customize the notifications that it will send you. 

The app is free to download, but there is an option to pay for a Premium version. However, the free version works perfectly fine. 

Find More Posture Apps Today

These posture apps are great to help you fix your posture. 

There are all kinds of apps out there to make your life so much easier.

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