15 Essential iPhone Accessories Every Techie Needs

Whether you rely on your phone for work or to keep up with all of the latest jokes on social media, chances are it’s probably glued to your hand all day. Don’t worry — the rest of us are just as smartphone-addicted as you are. 

Your phone alone is an amazing piece of tech. With all of the iPhone accessories on the market, though, there’s no limit to what you can do with the tiny computer in your hand. 

We’ve rounded up fifteen of the best iPhone accessories that any techie should have. Read on to find out how you can get even more from your phone.

1. Bluetooth Keyboards

Here’s one of the few downsides of working on an iPhone — there’s only so much screen space, so typing lots of text can be frustrating. The keyboard takes up some of your screen space, and if you have larger fingers, not even autocorrect can save you from all the typos. 

Here’s where Bluetooth keyboards really come in handy. No more trying to type out a long email or work report with your thumbs — instead, you can hook up a keyboard via Bluetooth and type just like you would on a normal computer. 

2. Camera Lens Kits

The camera that comes with your phone is already a pretty incredible tool, creating beautiful pictures. If you want to kick up your photography a notch, though, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a new camera. 

Instead, spend less than $100 on a camera lens kit for your phone. Adding the extra lenses is literally as easy as snapping them over your phone camera. Then, you can take zoomed in photos without losing quality, get great panoramic shots, and more — all with your phone. 

3. Clip-On Fill Light 

What if you want to take better photos with the selfie camera on the front of your phone? 

If you’ve ever tried to take a selfie worthy of posting to Instagram, you know that finding the right lighting is half the battle. (The other half is trying to look good with the front-facing camera.) Clip-on fill lights provide high-quality lighting without having to set up a whole camera studio in your house. 

Whether you’re outdoors or sitting at your desk, this light will make your photos clearer and bring flattering light wherever you go. 

4. Camera Rigs

Did you know that your iPhone can be used to shoot movies? 

Believe it or not, there are lots of filmmakers out there who are using nothing but their phones to create beautiful, moving art. While they might not be using the huge cameras you’d see in Hollywood, they do have one thing to help create seamless movement — a camera rig. 

Camera rigs for your iPhone help keep the phone stable as you move, so you get sweeping camera action suitable for the big screen, not shaky footage.

5. Portable Chargers

The iPhone is great, but let’s be real…its battery life is not. If you use it consistently throughout the day, you’ll probably find yourself reaching for a charger before it hits five o’clock. 

Don’t tie yourself to an outlet all day. If you want to be out and about without worrying about your battery life, try getting a portable charger. Tuck it into your bag and always have a power source for your phone, no matter where you are. 

6. Battery Cases 

What if you don’t want yet another thing to carry with you? You have to remember to take your portable charger along with you — if you forget it, you’re left scrambling for an outlet again. 

If you don’t want to throw another thing in your bag, iPhone battery cases help make sure your charge never runs low. As long as your phone is in the case, you can charge it on the go. Just switch the case on for a quick charge and turn it off when you’re done.

Bonus — these cases are still slim, so you won’t have to worry about a bulky phone. 

7. Selfie Stick

Selfie sticks get made fun of, but they’re actually a pretty useful tool. Have you ever tried getting a group of people in a picture without having to ask someone else for help? What about if you’re traveling solo and want a picture of you and the beautiful landscape? 

If you want to capture the moment with minimal hassle, you’ll want to buy a selfie stick. The best ones are collapsible, so they can fold up small enough to fit in your pocket when you’re not using it. 

You’re not going to want to pack for your next vacation without this. 

8. Longer Lightning Cables

How many times have you bent your body into an awkward position to use your phone as it’s charging? 

We’ve all probably been guilty of hanging halfway off of a bed or chair so that we can use our phone as it’s plugged in. If you’re sick of the hassle, getting a longer lightning cable might be the answer to your problems. 

The lightning cords that Apple sells are only three feet long, but third-party sellers can get you double that length. No more sitting as close to the outlet as possible! 

9. Screen Protectors

Any time someone drops their phone face down, there’s always a moment where it seems like everyone around them is holding their breath, waiting to see if the screen is cracked or not.  

Cracked iPhone glass is a running joke, but it doesn’t have to happen to you! Getting a glass screen protector is a cheap and easy way to make sure that you never have the dreaded cracked screen, especially if you tend to drop your phone a lot. 

10. Shock-Resistant Cases

Of course, if you do drop your phone all the time, you might want more than just a screen protector. Shock-resistant cases help absorb the impact from you dropping your phone on the ground

Aside from cracked screens, shock-resistant cases can also protect your phone from other hardware damages, like damaged microphones or a loose home button on older models. 

It also keeps your phone safe from things like moving around in a purse or backpack. 

11. Wallet Phone Case

It’s nice to know that you always have your ID and a credit card with you as long as you have your phone, but maybe you don’t want to have a wallet sticker on the back of your phone. 

That exposes your cards to potential damage and also gives your phone just a little bit of an awkward shape. Instead, get a wallet phone case — a phone case with a space for your most important cards built in. Just slide back the panel for access. 

12. Car Adapter

If you spend a lot of time in the car and on the go, you’ll definitely want to consider a car adapter for your phone. If you have an older car without a USB port, this uses your car’s cigarette lighter to charge your phone. 

You won’t have to worry about draining your battery as you use your GPS for directions or having a dead phone by the time you get to your destination. Plus, with certain adapters, you can play all of your favorite tunes through your car’s radio. 

13. Bluetooth Speaker

While the iPhone’s speakers have improved with each new model, they still don’t quite cut it if you want to listen to music in your house or outdoors. If you really want full, great sound, get a Bluetooth speaker. 

These speakers connect wirelessly to your phone, letting you play everything from your favorite Spotify playlists to a funny YouTube video. Plus, they’re portable, so you can listen to music wherever you go. 

14. PopSockets

How many times have you tried to prop your phone up on something so that you can look at it hands-free? The iPhone’s design is great for everything except for standing up on its own, unless you put it in a boxy case.

PopSockets help to get rid of this problem. The flexible stand presses nearly flat against the back of your phone, so when you’re not using it, it’s not in the way. 

When you want a better grip for a selfie or need to prop up your phone to watch a video, just pull out the PopSocket and adjust it how you need it. 

15. Bluetooth Headphones

Finally, this is one of the most common accessories you can get. You don’t need to get Apple’s expensive AirPods to enjoy wireless music. You can get Bluetooth headphones in any kind of style you want, so you can enjoy music without worrying about getting a lightning adaptor. 

Whether you want smaller headphones for workouts or over-the-ear headphones for true music-lovers, this accessory will definitely come in handy. 

Choose Your Next iPhone Accessories

With so much to choose from, it should be easy to find your next iPhone accessories. No matter what you’re interested in or what your tech needs are, there’s something out there that will help take your phone to the next level. 

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