What You Can Learn from the World’s Top Tech Brands

Just 50 years ago, the technology we know today wasn’t even conceivable, but it laid the foundation for many innovations we use today. Everything in the modern world relies on technology: health care, schools, governments, factories, institutions, and companies of all kinds.

New tech companies and startups emerge every day, but not all of them succeed. Tech giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft all had humble beginnings but grew to be world leaders in their fields.

Read on to learn the most valuable business lessons for your startup from the world’s leading tech brands.

Amazon: Deliver Extra Value

One of the best tech brands in the world, Amazon, is known for delivering extra value to customers. Whether that’s excellent customer service, offering free shipping, or a seamless return/refund process, the company always strives to offer more.

Customers will always return to companies that give them more than what they paid for. For Amazon, this is an essential part of their business model, which made them the No.1 online marketplace.

Apple: Put People First

Apple is one of the technology brands that has become a symbol of simplicity, functionality, and innovation. The company follows branding trends while making sure they maintain their own brand image.

Apple attributes its success to its employees and goes to great lengths to ensure they’re happy and motivated. Happy employees equal happy customers, and instead of hard selling, Apple focuses on the experience, service, and attention they get.

Microsoft: Persist In Your Vision

Starting a company is a risk, but if you have a clear vision and a burning desire to succeed, you need to persevere in your efforts.

This is what made tech companies like Microsoft so successful. Bill Gates had a vision for a product, he persisted, kept improving it, and believed in his dreams. He wasn’t going to stop until he succeeded and developed something he would be proud of.

Google: Don’t Be Afraid to Test and Fail

As one of the top global tech companies, Google isn’t afraid to test and experiment with new products and features. Sometimes, the new solutions work great, but sometimes they fail and Google learns from their mistakes and moves onto the next thing.

The key to growth and innovation is to keep trying. You may not know the outcome, but there will always be a lesson for you to learn.

Facebook: Know Your Audience Well

Facebook is the leading social media platform in the world and one of the top tech brands. Their product is their audience and the massive amount of data they have on their users.

Knowing who your users are will give you essential information on building a product they love and improving your existing one. As a result, you’ll build a loyal customer base and boost sales.

These Tech Brands Can Teach You Valuable Success Lessons!

If you want to succeed in business, follow the steps of the tech brands that have shaped the world today.

Their business models and growth can help you get inspired and create something extraordinary.

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