The Best Freelance Time Tracker: Time Management Tools for Freelancers

Looking for some productivity hacks to run your business from home? You’re in the right place.

Nowadays, you have access to tons of apps that can help you squeeze the most out of each workday. With the right freelance time tracker, you can double, or even triple your output.

In this article, we’ll look at different freelance time tracking options you can use.

Before We Look At Time Management Tools…

Before we start looking at apps, think about some of the time management tactics that are within your control. For example:

  • Your office space– the environment you work in can be conducive or detrimental to your work habits.
  • Your team– whether it’s your work with clients, the team you manage, or the software you use, take a look at the areas that could save you more time. (For example, make a plan for moving on from trouble clients, or try using a custom software development product.)
  • Your workday– Are you a morning person? How about a night owl? Based on that information, ask yourself if your start and stop time for work match your preferences. After all, you’re a freelancer, so you make your own schedule (most likely). Why not build it how you want it?

Freelance Time Trackers

Here’s a list of some time tracking apps you can download or buy.

1. Calendar

Whether it’s keeping track of appointments, planning out your days, or scheduling events down the road, having a good Calendar app is essential for any freelancer. 

Why not use the calendar app on your Mac or Windows computer? Those don’t come with efficiency ratings like this app does.

2. Clockify

Clockify is a handy app for logging hours and syncing data between multiple devices. One of the nice features about this app is the ability to tell you which apps you’re using the most during your working hours. Information like this can help inform the decisions you’re making during the day that affect both your business and your bottom line.

3. RescueTime

RescueTime, as it’s name suggests, does it’s best to add time back into your life. Like the other apps on this list, it looks at where you’re spending time and prints out reports that show you how wisely you’re working.

What this app does that some others don’t is that it actually looks out for your time. Almost like an assistant, it can hide push notifications, organize your schedule, and block apps from your computer during certain hours.

Which App Should You Choose?

The best freelance time tracker for you and your business is, honestly, the one you’ll use consistently. Many apps out there are free, but may be janky or unhelpful without paying for the full version.

Try out these apps or look online for other time management programs and find one that works for you. Your bottom line will thank you!