Staying Connected: Why You Should Still Have a Landline Phone in 2021

landline phone

Americans spend an average of five hours on their mobile devices each day. That’s more than half of a full workday.

But guess what Americans aren’t doing?

Spending countless hours on their landline phones. And that probably has something to do with the fact that the landline phone have decreased in use over the past few decades.

In many ways, this decreased landline use is unfortunate. There are several benefits of owning a landline phone that today’s consumers overlook.

So what are some of these overlooked benefits? Below you’ll find just a few reasons to keep a landline phone in your house.

Landline Phones Are Cost-Effective

Look here, you smartphone addicts: Your phones may come with a wide array of features, but they’re super expensive. In fact, some of the most recent smartphone models are going for upward of $1,000 in some places.

Fortunately, house phones aren’t quite so expensive. You can purchase a landline phone for a fraction of the cost of a smartphone. Many models cost less than $100 these days.

No Dropped Calls

“Can you hear me now?” That was once the theme of a decade as cellphone users struggled to get good service.

And for some cellphone owners, poor service and dropped calls are still a problem.

Now tell us: When was the last time a call dropped while you were using your landline?

We’re willing to bet that you can’t remember. That’s because dropped calls aren’t nearly as big of a problem for landlines as they are for mobile phones.

They’re Great for Emergencies

So you purchased the latest model of the iPhone. It’s packed with features and has a wonderful camera.

Too bad your battery is dead half of the time.

All jokes aside, having a phone that depends on a battery is a handicap during emergencies. If someone were to break into your home and your iPhone’s battery was dead, what would you do?

Anyone who has a landline phone would just reach for it and call the authorities. But people without landlines? They would just have to plug their phones up and hope that their batteries collect enough juice before it’s too late.

The moral of the story: Keep a landline around–even if you only intend to use it for emergencies. Doing so could save your life.

The Cops Can More Easily Locate You

There’s another point to be made about safety here. The cops can much more easily locate your landline than they can your cell phone.

In other words, if you call the cops with a house phone, you’ll make their jobs easier. Not only that, but you’ll better ensure your own safety.

Making your house phone a cordless phone is definitely ideal for ensuring your safety. Finding the best cordless phone is simply a matter of doing a bit of homework.

Make Sure You Keep Your Landline Phone On Hand

We get it. You’re in love with your mobile phone. But who isn’t these days?

Just because you love your mobile phone, however, doesn’t mean that a landline phone won’t make a good addition to your life. They’re cheap and perform well when you’re in danger.

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