Server In the Cloud: Exploring the Benefits Of Cloud Servers For New Businesses

All of the latest and greatest technology can be more than confusing. You want to make sure you are up to date but you don’t want to cost yourself your sanity.

One of the things you’ve likely looked into is cloud computing. If you don’t understand the benefits of cloud computing, it might seem like more of a hassle than you’re willing to deal with.

In this article, we are going to help you get an understanding of what the cloud is, how it works and what benefits you’ll get from using it for your business. Continue reading this article to get the information you need to make the decision to move to the cloud.

What Is Cloud Computing?

Before we get into the benefits section, we want to give you a basic understanding of cloud computing.

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services over the internet vs. being dependent on a single server. With traditional hosting, your services come from a single, physical server.

Must-Know Benefits of Cloud Computing

You can go here and to other similar sites and learn about the cloud services available on the market. Even with all of the information on these pages, it can seem confusing and we aim to decrease the confusion with the information below.


We’re always looking to save money in our businesses and cloud computing is a great way to decrease technology costs. 

You may be wondering why cloud computing would save you money when it is a better service.

When you opt for cloud hosting, you’re able to work with the hosting company to get the exact services you need — when you need them. When you use standard servers, you’re looking at a set agreement no matter how low your needs drop.

If you’ve been dealing with technology on your own then you’ll know that adding hardware to server rooms is one of the biggest costs of technology. Instead of having to do this, your business can now order temporary storage space in the cloud.

Speedy Service

People don’t have more tolerance for slow services and that’s why the cloud will help your business so much.

If capacity planning gives you a headache, then cloud computing will take a load off. You’ll find most cloud services are can provide mass resources on-demand within a couple of minutes.


If your IT team is stuck performing mundane tasks, their brilliance is being put to waste. Instead of having your IT team in the server room “racking and stacking” they can be at work on important tasks that move your business forward.

Global Scale

Whether you experience a spike in resource needs from Japan or the US, with cloud computing, you’ll be able to take care of the people that need what you’re offering.

Without the cloud, these tasks are very difficult and sometimes impossible.


If you’re afraid you’re going to experience downtime and other problems, know that cloud computing gives you extreme reliability. Data backups, disaster recovery and more are made simply due to mirrored data on multiple redundant sites on the network of the cloud provider.


When you work with a big cloud computing company, you get to experience the benefits of their worldwide network. These secure datacenters are up-to-date and upgraded so they perform at the best levels possible.


We all see data breaches and other problems on the news. We don’t want our companies to go through these things and having security on our side is important.

The best cloud computing services have a broad set of policies, controls, and technologies that will help keep your data, apps, and infrastructure safe from outside forces that might like to harm your company.

Disaster Recovery

While you control as much as you can, sometimes disaster strikes and you need to have a plan in place to take care of things.

When you use cloud-based services, you can get your data recovered quickly so you don’t experience long downtimes. If your website goes down for a long time, it can cost you thousands of dollars if you don’t deal with it in a timely manner.

Automatic Software Updates

Waiting for installation? We understand that it is frustrating to wait for updates to install when you have things to do.

If you use cloud computing, these updates won’t interfere with what you’re doing. Instead of having to wait for it be done manually, they refresh and update on their own which means your IT team can stay on task.

Whether you have an in-house team or not, you’ll save money with these automatic updates. If you don’t have an in-house team, you’ll have to hire an outside company to do your updates. These outside companies can cost a pretty penny so avoid these fees with cloud computing.

Competitive Edge

Businesses need every little bit of edge they can get to stay ahead of the competition. If you’re stuck on a non-cloud system then you’re missing out.

When you’re in the cloud computing game, you’ll be ahead of all of the people that adopt this technology later. You’ll know more about how it works and what to do to get the most out of it.

Don’t be the one that gets left in the dust while your competition is in the cloud.

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