The Rocket Man Documentary


The Rocket Man a Documentary

The Rocket man documentary is centered on a true story of the first civilian to ever launch a rocket into outer space, the one and only, Ky. His story is one that depicts the immense power of willpower and passion, and the strength of an unbroken human spirit. And you can make this story come to life at Indiegogo.

This moving journey of Ky starts while he was little; when he dreams of being an astronaut as he watches glow in the dark stars on his ceiling. This dream however faces its first major obstacle on his first day at school where he discovers he could neither read nor write, a condition known as dyslexia. What a dream crusher for the little astronaut aspirant. With the little awareness about the dyslexia condition back in the 40’s, his teachers just think he is stupid. He therefore drops schools at 9th grade with nothing but a point to prove to the world.


Ky gets obsessed with speed. By just watching others and using his mechanical photographic mind he is able to make better versions of motorcycles, snowmobiles and rocket powered inventions that wow crowds at the Bonneville Salt Flats. His astounding rise comes across yet another huge hurdle when his father suddenly commits suicide. To cope with the sudden loss, Ky goes out to set 72 land speed records.



Ky then catches the Attention of Hollywood where he works along the famed Dar Robinson on many movies and TV shows where he absolutely revolutionizes the industry. Unfortunately Dar dies and Ky’s premonition causes him to go back to Minnesota, a heartbroken man. But his obsession for speed makes him so restless. So, he goes ahead to make his firstrocket which breaks down every amateur rocketry record existent. He names this rocket after Dar.

This is when his crazy, seemingly impossible and absurd dream is born. He was going to be the first civilian to send a rocket into space!And opposing odds there were!

He was up against very limitless resourceful teams such as Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and his colleague Burt Rutan who were engineering their SpaceShipOne. Even worse, the federal government stonewalls his mission through massive restrictions, permits and agencies leaving him in a position to face five years in prison and $250k fine in case of any screw-ups. After pushing through this strong opposition, he faces yet another huge possibility for failure. His rockets keep failing and failing with instances of explosions and crashes in 997 and 2000.But he was obsessed and could not let it go. He wants to try one more time. In 2002, earlier before he learns of his mother’s death in the night, the Feds shut him down again. He now is at the brink of giving up.

However, in 2004, this dyslexic 9th grade dropout stood before his rocket the ’Go fast’ putting everything on the line; his family, freedom, his home, his fortune as he waits to press the button that would see him either go down the history books in the same line as the Wright brothers and see him open a new galaxy for the human species or see him go down as a complete failure.

This documentary is meant to sensitize the world about this unsung hero Ky and grant him his rightful place beside heroes as the Wright brothers and Lindberg. It is also meant to inspire all the next generation kids as Ky. It is an undeniable story of the strength of the human spirit and of determination and never giving up on dreams. $68,537 is being raised to support interviews with Ky’s friends, nemesis, rocket buddies, Hollywood personalities and space luminaries. You can support this amazing story of incredible dreams, impossible odds and an unbroken spirit by buying a t-shirt or crediting into the film. For more information on how to do this.


Q&A with Colette the Director and Project Manager

When I read the description of Rocket Man I get goosebumps and then my eyes start to water… Are you sure you are not a writer or is this story just that good?

Ky’s story is really just that good! I truly can’t believe more people don’t know about him. How many people have been a drag racing legend and a Hollywood stunt king and then gone on to battle the government and gravity and beat the billionaires into space? And all without being able to read, write or do math! Ky is truly a pioneer on par with the Wright Brothers and Lindbergh, but people connect with his struggles and triumphs because he’s so real and so genuine. To me, his story has something for everyone: It’s the ultimate David and Goliath tale, a peek into the dawn of the civilian space race, a missing piece of American history, and an inspiration for dyslexic kids everywhere.

Yeah, still got goosebumps! Mostly the documentary will be of interviews I presume, but will there be rocket launches and other action stuff to?

There will be interviews, but there will be LOTS of rocket launches, explosions, death-defying stunts, cars falling off cliffs, people leaping off towers, rocket-powered dragsters…you name it! There’s tons of archival footage from all areas of Ky’s life – and luckily, he saves everything. As a director, it’s really fun to be working on a film that has such a strong message but also has the feel of an action movie.


That’s what I wanted to hear!:) Is this your first time crowdfunding and could you tell us three tips you have learned along the way?

This is my first time crowdfunding, and it’s a whirlwind! Top three tips:

Ask everyone you know who has crowdfunded for advice ahead of time, then follow it.
Be prepared to work full-time on your campaign when it’s running, and for a month beforehand.Your video makes or breaks you – put everything you’ve got into it.
Bonus 4th tip: You never know where those donations are going to come from, so definitely reach out to friends of friends and folks you don’t know too well – you’ll be surprised!

That’s some good tips. Finally, tell us: why should your project get funded?

That’s easy. Ky and I visited a school for dyslexic students last week as part of the campaign, and we both were in tears for most of the day. It was super-moving to see the kids respond to him and realize they could do anything they imagined, and it made us more determined than ever to get this movie out there. This film can change a lot of kids’ lives. That’s our mission, and that’s why we’re so passionate.

Thanks Colette Sandstedt and good luck with the Documentary, looking forward to see it on TV some future day! 

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