The Perfect Drone For Your Kids, They Have Fun AND Learn How To Code

– An Interview with the code teaching Robolink, creator of the codeable CoDrone!

I have seen some projects to make kids want to code more, but never have I seen a more direct reward for doing so: controlling your own drone!
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Transformer Drone and RC car you can code!

Does this give kids more motivation to do so?
Yes, we’ve been teaching students how to code, and when things started flying with students’ own code. Students were having 10 times more fun with that and got engaged!

How did your team meet up and why is teaching to code important for you guys?
Learning how to code should be emphasized as people learning English or math. We enjoy teaching kids and we love contributing to the World. Our team have been working on other robotics project before and formed a company to create educational robotics kits.


Can you see your technology being used in other situations say, for firefighters, avalanche victim finders or similar?
Yes, our students are already doing simulation of such situation and if they have proper tools (such as drones
that are stronger so they can carry more payload and longer lasting flight time) then they can apply the drones to those disaster situation to help people.

That sounds really good. Hope they can be of great help! It is now six days left of your fund raising campaign and you have all ready tripled your goal. That’s amazing! Why is that you think and what does this mean for Robolinks future endeavors?
This will be only the beginning to spread drone education to every school in the US.

Tech Specs for the CoDrone

And to the rest of the world I hope! So, if everything goes according to plan, what’s your ultimate vision?

We would like to share this great kit with every kid in the US, which is a huge vision for a small startup like us. But we have an amazing start now!

For sure, your funding is allready three times the budget! Give us 3 tips you have learned on your way to other future tech entrepreneurs?
Start in small scale.
Make a MVP (Minimal Viable Product) and test in your local community.
Do something you enjoy, because running a tech startup is very hard.

Transformation of the drone into RC Racing car

I usually ask as a last question why your project should get funded, but in this case it’s not necessary… Maybe some final words where you can promote the CoDrone, Robolink or just code teaching in general?
We’ve been engaging students how to code for a long time, and this have been the best way to engage students on how to code in a very fun way. We also made the curriculum very easy, so that instructors without techy background could utilize our tools to teach students as well.The Robolink Community

It’s like the Khan-academy meeting some very affordable drones.

So fund their Crowdfunding Project and help spread the word about this coding revolution opportunity!:)