Our Top 5 Team Management Software Recommendations

Is your business or organization in need of a communications or efficiency boost? By using the right software tools, you and your team will work better and be more productive than ever before. To learn more about the right team management software for you, check out these five great products!

1. Slack

Slack prides itself on its ease of use and giving users a broad platform of tools and features to increase productivity. Some of these features include the ability to search through archived messaged, transfer files, and instant messaging.

You can also integrate Slack with many other programs to further increase communication and productivity, including OKR SOFTWARE. Slack helps by giving your team the ability to share info quickly and easily, which lets everyone stay on track.

2. Skype

While many people consider Skype as just a great way to video chat with loved ones and friends, the platform offers users some excellent team collaboration tools. With Skype, multiple users can view and work on the same project or document by sharing the screen.

You will also be able to share files easily among your workers, ensuring that everyone is kept up to date. Any meetings or conferences can also be hosted by your team free of charge, allowing you and your clients to communicate from all over the world.

3. Asana

If you are looking for software to help keep every team member on the same schedule and track efficiency, Asana is the software you need. One unique feature is the Weekly Time Log, which allows you to keep track of everyone logged into the system and track their productivity. 

Asana also comes with a built-in calendar function that notifies everyone about shared deadlines and work schedules. This feature can help you and your employees prevent any embarrassing delays or errors.

By helping your employees deal with issues as they arise, you will keep them enthused and on track. Your customers will also see the benefits of this tool as well by helping your team do the best possible job.

4. Todoist

This cloud-based time tracking tool allows you to keep track of your team’s activities from anywhere with internet access. By keeping everyone up to date on what is happening across the office, Todoist helps everyone keep track of both team and individual responsibilities. This helps by making sure that all your employees know what the overall direction of the office is at any time.

5. WorkIQ

WorkIQ is an excellent option for knowing exactly how productively your employees are spending their time. Your or your manager can see visual data and understand who is spending their time on work activities and who keeps getting distracted.

Through WorkIQ’s dashboards, you can even get as a sense of how long it takes each of your employees to do the same unit of work. If you need to know who is actually working hard or hardly working, this is the software you need.

The Right Team Management Software Will Revolutionize Your Workflow

By using the right tools and the right team management software, you can make sure everyone is productive, informed and ware at all times. We can go further and help you achieve your objectives and key results. Keep browsing our website today to learn more!