Office Space Odyssey: The Best Office Tech of 2021

What if your office could be more productive than ever before?

Ideally, the office is where you get the most work done. However, it’s easy for an office to become distracting and even downright painful!

However, this is a problem you can solve with a few new gadgets. Keep reading to discover our roundup of the best office gadgets to make your office comfier, happier, and more productive!

Posture Monitors

Ever noticed how painful your neck and back are at the end of the day? The culprit may not be your chair or desk. Instead, it may be your posture!

A lot of pain you experience at night is caused by you slouching during the day. But now there is a neat device to keep it from happening.

Lumos and other companies make posture monitors you attach to your shirt. When you begin to slouch, you get a helpful vibration reminding you to sit up.

Just like that, your back pain will be a thing of the past.

Wireless USB

A jump drive is still a necessary part of work for almost everyone. However, there is no time like the present to take your USB game to the next level.

SanDisk and other companies now make wireless USB sticks. In addition to working the old-fashioned way, these sticks allow you to download files to them remotely.

Worried about that meeting you just noticed on your company’s meeting room booking software? You can download everything you need on the go.

Fidget Pen

If we’re being honest, many of us “fidget” at our desks. And while things like fidget spinners are available, you don’t want your boss to see you playing with a kid’s toy.

However, all is not lost. There are now “stealth” fidget devices such as the Fidgi Pen to help you out.

The idea is simple: this pen has the kinds of fidget points that traditional fidget devices have. However, they blend in very well, and the pen looks like a normal writing utensil to your boss and the rest of the office.

Standing Desk

Is that posture monitor not doing enough to ease your back pain? Then it’s time to try out a standing desk.

Many people dismiss standing desks as a kind of modern fad. However, there are a number of awesome benefits to these trendy office gadgets.

For example, you will have better posture all day when you aren’t craning your neck to look at a monitor. And you will burn calories and work on things like core strength all throughout the day.

Finally, these desks help you stay energetic and alert. No more temptation to nap!

Charging Station

You probably have plenty of devices that need daily charging. This includes cell phones, tablets, laptops, and more.

When you plug all of them in at the office, your desk looks instantly messy. And all those stretched out wires can keep you from moving around.

This is why Kavalan and other companies make charging stations. Such desk gadgets sport multiple USB inputs so you can charge all of your different devices from a single place.

And having a centralized location for all that charging helps keep things clean and organized.

Power Bank

Sure, that charging station is perfect for your office. But are you able to charge things like your cell phone when you are on the go?

Anker and other companies make power banks that give you the best in the way of portability and power. You simply charge the bank up and take it with you. You can then charge devices up on your commute, flight, or anywhere else.

Even if you’re not traveling, these banks are a great way to extend the effective battery life of your phone. And it’s always fun to be the “lifesaver” at the party when a friend’s phone dies.

Solar Charger

Of course, there’s only one downside to using a power bank. You need to remember to charge the bank itself! If you want something foolproof, there’s always a solar charger.

XD and other companies make solar chargers for cellphones. All you have to do is stick the thing on a window and then plug the wire into your phone.

With such a charger, you don’t have to worry about a bank running out of juice. And as long as the sun is out, these chargers offer the same versatility as a power bank for busy people who are traveling.

Temperature Control Mug

Coffee is a bit weird when you think about it. A warm cup can give you life in the morning. But a lukewarm cup will make you want to die!

You can avoid that “lukewarm” problem with a temperature control mug. And Ember and other companies have worked for years to bring you the very latest in temperature technology.

With Emberg’s mug, you get a saucer that charges your cup. And you can remotely set the perfect temperature for your coffee or other beverage.

Ultimately, this is some really simple tech that completely transforms your morning cup of Joe.

Universal Cable

Things like charging stations are great, but there is still one problem: having to organize all those wires. The solution is simple. You need one wire that can do a bit of everything.

Nomad and other companies make universal cables that can service different kinds of devices. For example, it can charge via USB A, C, micro-USB, firewire, and so on.

This particular office gadget is so handy that we like to keep a few at home. Who wouldn’t want a single cable that lets you throw all your old cables out?

Best Office Gadgets: The Bottom Line

Now you know how to find the best office gadgets to improve your work life. But do you know how to start improving the rest of your life?

Here ar Tech Stuffed, we focus on technology and how it can help all of us lead better lives. To start living your best life, check out our collection of life hacks today!