Keep Track of Bills 2021: The Best Personal Finance Apps You Need to Start the Year Off Right

Take a look at your financial life. 

Are you where you want to be?

If you are like 30 percent of Americans, financial problems are a constant source of worry in your everyday life. This can be a troubling existence since so many things in life require money. 

Thankfully, technology is here to save the day. 

There are plenty of apps that you can download that will help you keep track of bills, save money, invest and so much more. In this regard, you will want to look into which apps are the most productive and able to assist you. 

Follow these strategies and use the apps below.

1. Acorns

Having access to life hacks can be a huge difference maker for your finances. 

One of the biggest problems people have is an inability to save money. The truth of the matter is that it’s not really that you can’t save, you’re probably just overlooking the many opportunities available for you to save money. 

In this regard, the Acorns app is an excellent way to learn how to save money without even trying. 

With the Acorns app, you sync it to your bank accounts so that it has up to the moment information on purchases you make with your debit card — the same way that your bank’s online site immediately tracks each purchase. 

The app gives you the chance to take those purchases and round up the difference, adding it to a savings portfolio of your choosing.

For example, let’s say you bought a cup of coffee for $2.75. The app will track that purchase, and give you the option to add 25 cents to your savings. 

By saving some pocket change here and there, you will quickly see that money begins to add up. This money is added to a mutal fund-like account that grows your money based on your goals. 

Simply put, it’ll shock you just how much money you are able to save when you’re consistent about it — even when just setting aside some change. Most importantly, it trains your mind to think savings first, and can propel you to do bigger things financially. 

2. Mint

This is one of the most renowned financial apps on the market and for good reason. 

With Mint, you are able to break down your finances and separate it into categories. From here, you can create a budget that you’re able to stick to. 

Most importantly, you will get up to the moment data that lets you figure out what changes need to be made in order to hit your goals. It strips away the facade and lets you see your spending habits for what they are, which is a powerful tool. 

3. Cleo

This is an app that relies heavily on artificial intelligence (AI). 

You’ll be able to sync your bank accounts with the service so that the AI can let you set up a budget, answer questions about your spending habits and let you know, in detail, what you are able to afford. The app links to your Facebook account so that you can DM the AI bot and ask questions at any time of the day. 

As long as you can read your Facebook messages each day, this app is available to do your bidding and help you keep track of bills and pinpoint where you’re spending. 

4. Clarity Money

Subscription services revolutionized life and helped people save money. For instance, you might have cut the cord and instead, signed up for services like NetFlix and YouTube TV. 

However, since everyone is moving to subscription services, it’s easy to sign up for 5 to 10 services without even thinking. Then, before you know it, you’re not saving any money at all, and are paying more than you otherwise would have. 

That’s where Clarity Money comes into play. 

This is an app that helps you keep track of all your subscriptions so that you can analyze them and figure out if it is a financially sound decision. This app can help you maintain financial health and cut down on wasted money. 

5. Pocket Guard

This is a free app that helps you develop a budgeting system that works for you and your household. 

While it may work to set an arbitrary budget, it’s better to understand where your finances currently stand, so you know how much you have to spend. Pocket Guard helps with this and analyzes your finances accordingly. 

By knowing what money you have to work with, you are able to make intelligent decisions regarding your finances. 

Keep Track of Bills and Finance With These Apps

Now that you know of some tools that will help you keep track of bills and finance, start downloading a few to see just how significantly they can change your life. Since financial problems stifle so many people’s lives, these apps can be world changing. 

Having apps and other forms of technology can be a gift and a curse. It’s a curse because there’s a lot of potential for time wasting, but it’s a gift when you choose the apps that can help your life in a lot of ways. 

Today, there’s no reason not to use these apps to your benefit, and there are plenty out there to choose between. In terms of your finances, the apps mentioned above will be great to get you started.  

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