How to Secure Your Credit Card Info During a Tour in Sydney: 5 Ways

Hundreds of millions of tourists pour into Australia each year and among the many cities they visit, Sydney is regarded as a favorite. And why not?

Sydney boasts stunning aquariums, landmarks and of course, has beautiful water features.

If you’re planning on taking a trip to Sydney soon, at the bottom of your to-do list is likely strategizing ways to protect your credit card info. We recommend making that line-item a higher priority as nothing can derail a vacation quite like having your bank information stolen.

Below, we share five pragmatic tips that can help you enjoy Sydney while reducing your chances of experiencing theft.

1. Always Use Your Card’s Chip

Most credit cards today come with a chip built into them. That chip enables more secure transactions than traditional magnetic stripes.

Whenever offered, always opt for using your card’s chip to take advantage of its enhanced security features. Chances are, merchants will insist on you doing so as it protects them as well.

2. Be Mindful When Making Withdrawals

If your credit card allows you to make withdrawals, you have a PIN assigned to you that enables the use of ATMs. When putting your pin in, be mindful of your surroundings.

Onlookers could note your credit card number, your pin and use that information to make online purchases. Anytime you’re making a purchase where you feel people may be paying too much attention to your transaction, you should walk away.

3. Don’t Use Your Card in Questionable Places

While using your card’s chip reduces your chances of fraud, scammers that tamper with credit card receivers get more advanced every day. To that end, to protect your credit card info, we recommend that you never swipe or insert your card into a reader that’s not being managed by a trusted establishment.

For example, if someone on the street tries to sell you a souvenir and offers to swipe your card in a reader they carry in their pocket, it’s best if you decline.

4. Leave Your Card in Your Hotel

For those of you that are worried about losing your credit card, one of the best ways to avoid that fate is to leave it in your hotel room.

Sydney offers passes like iVenture Card Sydney and others which allow you to preload all of your attraction tickets on a separate card for use when you’re out on the town. That way, if you lose your pass, you’re only out a couple of tickets as opposed to putting your whole line of credit at risk.

5. Have a Contingency Plan in Place

No matter how hard you work to protect your credit card info, it’ll still occasionally fall into the wrong hands. In these cases, know what steps you’ll take to immediately cancel your card and continue paying for goods during your trip.

Your Credit Card Info Is the Most Valuable Thing You Carry

While most people are obsessed with protecting valuables like their phones, fewer are concerned with their credit card information. That’s a mistake because your credit card info in the wrong hands could cause you much more of a headache than misplacing an electronic.

We hope our tips help you keep your money safe and welcome you to explore more of the newest tech and lifestyle content on our blog!