How to Save Money on Amazon: 9 Tips You Need to Know

Did you know that over 75 percent of Americans use Amazon for most of their online shopping?

This comes as no surprise thanks to Amazon’s free shipping options and wide product selection that bring in customers looking to save time. But Amazon also has a lot of special deals and programs that save customers money and can even lead to free perks.

Want to know about these surprising ways that you can make sure you get the best price? Read on for nine tips that will show you how to save money on Amazon.

1. Get an Amazon Prime Membership

If you don’t have an Amazon Prime subscription, you’ll miss out on a lot of money-saving perks and additional benefits that can make your Amazon shopping experience even better. 

Not only will you get access to more free one-day and two-day shipping options, but you can get free two-hour delivery through Amazon Grocery as well. You’ll also need Amazon Prime to take advantage of Prime Day, get early access to special deals, and save on baby products.

Your subscription comes with perks like free video and music streaming, Prime Reading, unlimited image storage, and access to Prime Wardrobe.

2. Browse Amazon Warehouse Deals

Did you know that you can get a nice discount on items like kitchen appliances, furniture, and video games through Amazon Warehouse Deals?

These items come in conditions ranging as like-new to acceptable and are usually from customer returns or just items with damaged packaging. Amazon’s 30-day return policy still applies, so you can save money with low risk.

3. Consider Subscriptions for Common Household Products

When you’re buying a household item like food or cleaning products, Amazon often has an option to set up a subscription. This helps you get up to a 15 percent discount on each shipment.

You’ll set a frequency of one to six months and benefit from the best Amazon Subscribe and Save deals right away. You can also cancel whenever you want.

4. Check for Coupons

Amazon occasionally offers coupons on products that save you a flat amount or a percentage off the price. This doesn’t just apply to groceries and health items like you might be used to with coupons. Instead, Amazon offers them across all its product categories including toys, electronics, home, and clothing.

While you can see items with coupons through regular product searches, you can use the official Amazon Coupons page to search by item easily. Simply click the coupon button to clip it and then see those savings applied when you check out.

5. Look for Chances to Get Amazon Credits

Did you know that Amazon will give you shopping credits if you simply agree to wait longer to receive your order? All you have to do is choose the option for no-rush shipping and forfeit the normal 2-day Prime delivery time.

In return, Amazon will either apply a credit to the order or give you some reward to use toward a future purchase. You can easily track your credits on the Amazon website as well as get information about when they expire.

6. Use Any Rebates Available

You can get even more Amazon deals with the help of online rebates. You’ll often find these listed on the product pages for small kitchen appliances, phones, and personal care items like toothbrushes. However, deals sites can also keep you updated on rebates.

You can usually find information about submitting your rebate claim online. However, some rebates may require printing and mailing in some documents. You’ll often receive a check after the rebate provider verifies your purchase, and you can simply deposit it into your bank account or cash it.

7. Consider Using Price Tracker Services

Prices on Amazon fluctuate widely depending on things like demand, time of day, and seller. So, getting the cheapest price possible can take some extra research and planning. 

If you simply add a product from Amazon to your shopping cart, you can check it periodically to see a note about whether the price went up or down. But to make things even easier, try a website like CamelCamelCamel where you can enter an Amazon product link and see charts showing pricing trends. You can even set up alerts so you receive an email when the price drops.

8. Check Out Amazon’s Special Sales

Whether you want to buy some new clothes or find toys for your kids, pay attention to items marked as a “deal of the day” or “lightning deal.” Often, these items appear at the top of your product search results and indicate that you’re getting a great price.

However, keep in mind that these appealing products can go very quickly. So, once you see something you want, try to complete the checkout process as soon as possible.

Amazon also offers many special deals on Prime Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other major holidays. If you want to buy an Alexa-enabled gadget like an Amazon Echo or Kindle, then you can particularly find some of the best prices on these days.

9. Save With Amazon Renewed Products

When you want to buy a new phone or computer, consider checking for options through Amazon Renewed to save on Amazon. These products usually are either used or open-box but still come with a 90-day guarantee to give you peace of mind.

Amazon makes sure to have these items tested and cleaned so that you receive a reliable product. However, do keep in mind that you might not get some accessories like headphones included.

Now You Know How to Save Money on Amazon

When you know how to shop on Amazon the smart way with these tips, you can expect to boost your savings even more.

If you’re looking for more advice on how to save money on Amazon, consider checking out your credit card benefits. While not specific to purchases on the site, you can often earn points and rewards for your online shopping. Some credit card companies might even let you redeem those points for Amazon gift cards you can use.

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