How Solar Benefits You: Top Portable Solar Panels

If you like to camp, own an RV, or need a little boost of electricity when you’re at home or on the road, portable solar panels are a great choice. You can dump the gas-guzzling, noisy generator and get your electricity needs covered. 

A portable solar panel can generate enough electricity to handle most of your RV, boat, or travel needs. They’re easy to store and transport, too.

There are many solar benefits of a portable solar panel to consider. Read on to learn about them and to check out three of the best portable solar panels on the market today. 

Great Reasons to Get a Portable Solar Panel

If you’re camping but don’t have access to a plug-in to get your electricity, hooking up a portable solar panel keeps you powered up. They’re also a good choice if you only need electricity on rare occasions, no matter the reason. And because you don’t have to be tied into a power source you can choose where and when you want to go somewhere.

Portable solar panels are a great choice for campers and travelers. They are easy to transport and store. You can set them up quickly and start generating your own, environmentally friendly, cheap electricity wherever you need it. 

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Three of the Best Portable Solar Panels on the Market

To help you work out which portable panel gives you the best solar benefits, we’ve narrowed down the current choices on the market to the following three options. We’ve got one for all-around value, a top-of-the-line option, and one to suit a smaller budget.

Best All-Around Portable Solar Panel

The Renogy Kit Starter 100D is our choice for the best value for money. With this choice, you’ll get solar benefits at the higher end for a reasonable price.

The Renogy provides up to 500Wh a day. It can charge a 50Amp battery from a 50 percent charge to full in 3 hours. It weighs less than 20lbs.

Top-Line Power 

The Zamp Solar 120P is one of the best portable solar panels on the market. It can generate an impressive 40 amps per day. If you’re on the road a lot or you live in your RV the Zamp Solar 120P is the portable solar panel to pick.

It’s foldable and works with 6 and 12 volt systems. Even with all this power, it only weighs 35lbs.

Budget Beauty

For people who need a little bit of solar power from time to time, the Eco-Worthy DC-FP40-1 offers all the solar benefits for a great price. This portable solar panel is great for a quick charge of a boat battery while on the water or to power up your RV a little bit.

It can produce 40W, weighs just 12lbs, and is easy to set up and operate. 

Solar Benefits of Portable Solar Panels

As you can see, adding a portable solar panel to your RV, boat, or anything else can save you money and get you access to electricity wherever you might need it. Portable panels offer solar benefits in lightweight packages. They’re environmentally friendly, quiet, and efficient.

Pick from one of the three portable panels we’ve identified here or get out and search for other options. There is sure to be something that works for you.

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