How Fiber Internet Can Propel Your Business Into the Future

Technology can do so much for your business – from marketing to an increase in the efficiency of your production. With over 30 million businesses in the United States for you to compete with, you’re going to need help to stay ahead of the competition.

Are you looking for ways to integrate technology into your business?

What technology can you utilize that will bring you far ahead of the rest? While other businesses invest in inventory control systems, you should invest in a fiber internet connection.

Fiber connectivity is among the most underrated ways to propel your business forward. This means you can get ahead and stay ahead of your competition by getting your fiber connection now.

Still not convinced this is the right move? Here are the benefits of installing a fiber optic internet connection.

1. Faster Installation Process

One of the perks is that the fiber internet installation process doesn’t take long. This allows you a big window of time when planning to have it installed for your business. Everything from installation to activation is a quick process.

This means you won’t have to shut down business for the day to allow them to set up the cables for your internet connection. You also won’t have to wait long before you can access the internet again.

2. Faster Connection to the Internet

Fibers provide a faster internet connection compared to ethernet cords. With a fiber connection, the average 5mbps internet speed increases up to 100gbps depending on the plan you pay for.

Fiber optic connections also tend to have faster connections even when there’s high traffic in internet connection. You shouldn’t feel the connection slow down even when others report having slower speeds, you can test internet speed anytime you want

This should increase the productivity of your employees by providing a stable internet connection.

3. More Reliable Compared to Ethernet Cables

Another great thing about fiber cords is that they’re more reliable. Copper cables pose a lot of problems nowadays. One of the worst problems they encounter is their resistance to the weather.

Stormy weather often damages the copper cables used by most businesses today. This can lead to a major slowdown in your connection’s speed. This can then lead to decreased work efficiency and productivity.

Copper cables also get influenced by electromagnetic signals. You have to work around specific areas in the workplace to ensure the copper cables get any interference while you run your business.

With fiber cables, though, you don’t need to worry about any of those. They don’t get damaged from storms as they will work as long as the fiber optic wire doesn’t get broken. They’re also durable and flexible to a degree so it’s hard to break these wires.

Electromagnetic waves also don’t interfere with how fiber cables work. They won’t degrade and the signal won’t disappear even with electromagnetic signals close to where the cables are.

4. Increased Bandwidth

If your business deals with online data transmission, then hitting your internet’s bandwidth cap is something you want to avoid. Once you hit the cap, your business transactions and deals begin to decline.

When you have a fiber connection, bandwidth cap increases by a great deal. You’ll be able to share more files and have more online conferences as a result.

Despite the increase, you won’t experience a slower connection as is common with copper cables.

5. Provides a More Secure Connection

A common way people hijack other’s internet and access private files is by cable tapping. This is the method of opening an ethernet cord and inserting a connection in the wires. This allows them to access what you can access with relative ease.

With fiber optic cables, doing this would destroy the connection. This will result in a loss of internet connection until you get your cables replaced. However, it does mean they would-be hackers won’t get access to your files and internet.

6. Decreased Latency

Having less latency means better communication between you and your clients. You can also have better communication among workmates and employees for a smoother-running company. You’ll get those along with other benefits of fiber optics once you have it installed.

This will also allow for better streaming budgets for your company. High-definition videos often take long to download and have tears when you stream it live. These problems disappear once latency decreases.

7. Fiber is a Cost-Efficient Option

One of the best advantages of fiber connections is that they tend to cost less overall. The installation costs less because of the materials being cheaper. The plan fiber companies offer also tend to cost a lot less than copper cable companies.

For example, NBN business plans offer affordable plans with high connectivity speeds. For the most part, deals like what they offer have unlimited data. This means you don’t need to worry about hitting your data cap for the month.

8. Future Proofs Your Business

The best benefit you can get from going fiber is that it future proofs your business. Fiber connections scale well into the future. This is because they prove to be the superior connection as of now.

A fiber link ensures your business will stay relevant until new options arrive. While waiting, you’ll only need to maintain your connection to ensure it doesn’t degrade. Doing this is easy. Maintaining a fiber connection means only checking for cuts along the wire.

With a fiber connection, it’s easy to upgrade your connection. They also tend to have the latest speeds and plans available for you to choose from. All you need to do is wait for your current plan to end before you opt for the new one.

Have a Fiber Internet Connection Installed Today

As you can see, everything becomes easier and better with a fiber internet connection.

What are you waiting for? Have a fiber connection installed today!

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