Give the People What They Want: 8 App Features Your Mobile App Needs

In 2018, there were 205.4 billion apps downloads across the globe. And that number is expected to reach 258 billion by 2020.

As you can see, it’s a crowded marketplace in the App Store and on Google Play. But one in four people deletes an app after just one use.

So what makes a good mobile app? And how can you make sure that you include the best app features in yours?

Read on for a list of 8 app features that will give users what they want from an app. 

1. Intuitive Navigation

One of the most important mobile app features is easy and intuitive navigation for users.

There are countless apps that are downloaded, used once and are deleted because they are too confusing or hard to use.

That’s why your app’s navigation is vital to the success of your mobile app. Help your users get to where they need with the lowest number of clicks.

Offer scrolling instead of clicking where possible. Limit the length of drop-down menus or sidebars.

Also, be conscious of how many options you offer on each of your pages. Too many links and users will get annoyed when they click the wrong thing. Or they might be overwhelmed and leave. 

2. A Rich Experience

As the saying goes, there’s an app for that. From weight loss tools to a church app for local congregations, there’s something for every need.

But intuitive navigation is not enough. One of the things that makes a good mobile app is that it offers an experience that isn’t offered somewhere else.

Just because your competitors have an app isn’t a good enough reason to create one yourself. You risk creating a copycat app that offers little benefit for users. People don’t want to waste space on their devices with apps that just duplicate other content.

Think about the aim of your app. Is it to provide entertainment, a solution to a common customer’s pain point, or does it improve efficiency? If not, time to go back to the drawing board.

When you provide a rich experience, you’ll start to get positive reviews which will improve your SEO app ranking so you can get more users. 

3. Responsive Design 

Responsive design in 2019 isn’t just a best practice. It’s become non-negotiable.

It’s not enough to design your app to be optimized for Android or iOS. With such a wide range of device sizes on the market, app developers need to consider the varying screen sizes.

Responsive design may not be something your users notice when it’s there. But it’s certainly something they’ll notice if it’s missing.

Responsive design is one of the best app features you can have. 

4. Easy Checkout

A recent study found that 26% of US online shoppers have abandoned an order simply because the checkout process was too long or complicated.

Yes, one of every four customers is clicking off before completing the sale of items they want. 

Cart abandonment is a cause for serious concern.

So what makes a good mobile app checkout? While you can’t eliminate all fields, you can work hard to reduce how many you require.

You might merge the first and last name field into one single field instead of two. Autofill city and state based on the zip code the customer inputs.

Also, make sure the fields and buttons are optimized to recognize human digits instead of a mouse click. 

At the end of the day, minimizing fields makes the checkout process faster for users. It also improves your rate of conversion. It’s a win for you both.

5. More Touch (Less Keying)

Always keep in mind that typing on a mobile device is considerably slower and more cumbersome than typing at a keyboard.

Make sure your mobile app features more touch and less keyboarding. This will greatly enhance the user experience.

6. Simplicity

You might sit in a development meeting and come up with a long app features list of what your app could do.

But, stuffing your app full of features that aren’t necessary for the task your app is meant for will hinder your app.

The more features, the harder it will be for users to navigate. And the harder it will be for you to develop an app that is intuitive.

A simple, usable app design will trump a long list of features every time.

7. Integrated Social Networking App Features

No matter what type of app you are designing, you’ll need to incorporate social sharing and emailing.

Sharing on social media isn’t just for entertainment purposes these days. Many people use social networks to collaborate and connect with their peers and customers.

You can make this collaboration easy for your users by incorporating social networks and email sharing directly from your app.

8. Offline Abilities

Make as much of your app usable without needing an internet connection. This will allow your app to become accessible on the train, walking to lunch and in a restaurant.

You might not be able to have all the data and functionality on the device. And of course, there’s the concern about data security.

But whenever possible, find ways to offer usability during when your users might have to be offline. 

Bottom Line

Thanks for reading. We hope these 8 must-have app features help you in the development of your app.

Don’t let the fear of missing out rush you into releasing an app that isn’t ready. Take time to ensure your app is worthwhile. Then you can be sure that yours won’t be an app that is deleted the day it’s downloaded. 

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