What is the definition of sustainability, development and resources

We define sustainability as:

“a development that meets the current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”

From the Brundtland report.

That is to say we can’t really use energy or materials that is non renewable sources or non recyclable, that is not true energy. Sooner or later those resources will be drained and when that happens our future generations will not be able to meet their needs. The advantages are many, the disadvantages are few.


What can I do?

There are lots of small actions that add up that you can do. Starting with sorting the garbage and recycling as much as possible. Turn in old clothes to second hand and charities and why not pick up some “new” clothes at the second hand whilst you’re there? Very sustainable action right there!
Buy more organic and locally produced food and become an expert on making leftover foods! Near 1/4-1/5 are thrown in the garbage unnecessarily!


What can my business do?

Become co2 neutral. Use green business energy and work with social responsibility.


What can my politicians do?

Politicians have to work in a range from global scale to a more local platform. Global threats must be met on a global scale and therein lies the need of cooperation between all countries on earth. Everyone is affected. The world energy consumption must meet the definition of sustainability.
On a more local scale, many people want to do more but finds it difficult. Therefore politicians must act in a way that makes it easier for citizens to help. Lower taxes on renewable power, organic food and electrical cars could be the right way to go. What do you think they should do?


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