Cutting the Cord: What Is Internet TV and How Does It Work?

what is internet tv

Oh, look. You just flipped through the same channels and nothing good is on…again. Are you really surprised at this point?

Regular television is as old as the shows they continue to play. It’s about time you upgraded to something new. Something better. Something like…internet TV.

What is internet TV, you ask? Only the greatest source of entertainment that you have yet to see.

The internet is home to many different things, and online television is one of them. Thousands of shows reside there of every genre and length you can think of, awaiting your beck and call. And you’re gonna love them.

Time to Answer: What Is Internet TV?

Long ago, in a distant land…OK, it’s not that kind of a story, but it’s still a pretty good one.

Internet television is a relatively recent thing, even by technology standards. That being said, it’s caught on super fast, and for good reason.

The definition is rather simple. Internet TV is television that’s…on the internet. You can watch TV shows as you would on the traditional small screen, except that you plug into the internet world instead of using satellite or cable.

In and of itself, it doesn’t sound very big deal. It’s just TV from another source, right?


Regular television stations can only play so many shows each day because of their time slots. That limits the amount and type of content that you can access.

On the other hand, internet television is a powerhouse when it comes to the number of shows it can play. In fact, just one internet TV provider can hold more shows than 10 traditional channels.

Online television also allows you to watch shows that are exclusive to certain providers. In fact, many online channels have content that you will never see on any satellite or cable TV.

Want to know the best part? Online television allows you to access all of your shows whenever, wherever – and always for a much lower fee than you already pay your satellite or cable company.

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Hey, it’s your call. But we think it’s time for a switch.

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