Christmas Shopping Guide: The 10 Best Electronic Gift Ideas for the Techie Your Life

It’s go time. You waited to the last minute, and you’re panicking. 

You have no clue what to get people for Christmas. You’ve searched the mall far and wide, and you can’t just seem to find the right thing. As the clock ticks on, you’re losing all hope. 

Right now, you’re shopping for your son. He loves electronic items, but that doesn’t quite narrow it down. As you jog your memory in hopes he’s mentioned something he wanted, nothing is coming to mind.

Stop. We have your back. Keep reading to discover 10 of the best electronic gift ideas for that someone you love. 

1. Folding Electronics Organizer

Are you shopping for someone with lots of small electronic gadgets? If they have lots of fun gadgets, that means there are tons of chargers and chords involved as well. Traveling with those things can be such a hassle, especially if they’re normally just thrown in a backpack. 

With a folding electronics organizer, they’ll be able to safely and securely store their chargers, small electronics, and phone. It’s like a pair of cargo shorts you can put into a suitcase. 

Some companies even make organizers with waterproof material for further protection against travel mishaps. 

2. Folding Keyboard

This is one of the best electronic gifts because you can go from casual to business in a matter of seconds just by unfolding the keyboard. Most folding keyboards are able to attach through Bluetooth so you can work on your tablet or smartphone on the go.

One of these keyboards is perfect for the hard-working traveler in your life. They are always flying from meeting to meeting but need to get work done in-between. 

Maybe they aren’t hardworking but want to look up memes while waiting at the local coffee shop. We don’t judge too much. 

3. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Whether your loved one is constantly on public transportation or just craves a way to tune everyone else out, pick them up a pair of noise-canceling headphones. Most of these headphones come with Bluetooth capability so you won’t have to worry about the hassle of the cord. 

Many companies make them in all sorts of colors and styles to fit the personality of the person you are shopping for. Maybe they want a slick black or enjoy a fun rose gold. Whatever they like, these are sure to please.

If you need help picking out a pair, fear not. Shop these 5 Best Budget Noise Cancelling Headphones in 2018 (under $80).

4. Fitness Trackers

Not only is Christmas coming up — the new year is starting soon. That means new year resolutions are on their way. 

Help out your electronic lover with their fitness goals by gifting them a fitness tracker. Most of these trackers are made comfortably for your wrist and look sleek. Check into what each tracker offers to meet the needs they are looking for. 

You can purchase fitness trackers with step counters, heart rate monitors, and even sleep trackers. This is one of the best electronic gifts to help out with fitness goals.

5. Smartphone Waterproof Bag

We all know those smartphone addicts who manage to constantly lose or destroy their phones. One of the biggest causes of damage is water. 

Luckily for them, you can gift them a waterproof bag. This is great for a rainy day or wandering around at a music festival. It’ll keep the phone dry and secure. 

With this electronics gift, they’ll have no excuse now for losing their phone to water damage. If they’re clumsy, you might want them to slip their phone in their bag at dinner. You never know when a spill might occur.

6. Electronic Record Player

There’s nothing like the beautiful mix of modern and vintage. For your loved one who has an eye for retro, snatch them an electronic record player.

Not only do they have a wonderful sound about them, but they also look stylish in a bedroom or living room. They add a funky vibe to the room without being too out of date.

To pair with it, grab them a few records you know they’ll enjoy. 

7. Electric Toothbrush

While a toothbrush may seem boring, an electronic toothbrush is one of the best electronic gifts. Their dentist will be pleased.

Electronic toothbrushes keep teeth clean and can easily be recharged. Many of the toothbrushes can hold a charge for many days so your loved one won’t have to bring the charger along on a short trip

Once they start using an electronic toothbrush, they’ll be able to tell the major difference between it and a normal, boring toothbrush. Plus the intense toothbrushing is a nice wake up on a groggy morning. 

8. Electronic Key Locator

Every family has the one person who can never seem to find their keys when it’s crucial. While the rest of the family eagerly waits by the car, they search under every table and chair in the home.

Avoid moments like this with an electronic key locator. The locators typically come with a piece you attach to your keys or wallet and a remote you use to activate the locator. 

If they literally lose everything, give them just the tracker and you hold onto the remote. Never tell them where it is.

9. Bluetooth Speaker

Despite this gift being self-explanatory, don’t underestimate how much your loved one will cherish this electronic gift. These speakers are guaranteed to get any party started and are portable. 

The prices differ on Bluetooth speakers depending on the quality and maker, but no matter what, they are a great gift. Grab it for your favorite music-lover.

10. Drone

Take family videos and photos to a whole new level with a drone. If you have an aspiring videographer in your family, this is one of the best electronic gifts for them. 

Their videos will be next-level with aerial shots and dramatic clips. You could also tie string to it and use it to torment your cat. They have many uses.

Top Electronic Gift Ideas

Shopping for loved ones during the Christmas time can be hard, but make sure you check out the above electronic gift ideas. They are guaranteed to make someone smile on Christmas morning. 

Whether you know a music addict or someone who can’t seem to get off their phone, there’s a present for everyone. Not only that, but the above gifts cover a large price range so choose one that fits your budget.

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