Charlotte, NC: A Surprising Leader for Jobs in Technology and a Look at the Companies Leading the Way

Think back to the beginning of computers. No one could afford the giant pieces of badly-understood tech other than giant companies.

And until they became more accessible, that meant technology was in certain large city hubs around the country. But now that the internet is more understood, we’re seeing jobs in technology everywhere.

Even places as surprising as Charlotte, NC. Learn about the up and coming tech city below.

Charlotte, NC: Really? A Tech City?

Absolutely. While they’ve been historically known as a banking city, the NC Queen city is now banking on tech jobs.

In the past twelve years, they’ve expanded their jobs by 62% – with twenty percent of that growth since 2014.

That’s much faster than other, bigger, cities. Twenty-three percent of those jobs are Tech and STEM-related. And when it comes to software creation jobs? They’ve seen a 700% growth. Seven hundred percent!

Silicon Valley who? Why live in the Valley desert when you can live in temperate and beautiful Charlotte?

But who are these companies? Who is creating seven hundred percent more jobs than ever before?

Let’s take a look at some of the tech giants and startups that we have to thank for this job boom.

Jobs in Technology: The Charlotte Startups

Startups are just a popular word for “new businesses” in case you didn’t know. Classicly they start with a small employee number and grow rapidly.

Let’s look at some examples.


Do you know how you can get wifi and streaming services now on planes? Part of that is thanks to the (expensive) Gogo Internet company.

But the part you don’t see on the surface comes from Charlotte-based SmartSky. They came up with a way to deliver data to airplanes without messing with the safety of the operation.

If pilots need to send data about the flight or the plane itself to the ground, they can do so, now in record time. It’s not something the average person thinks about, but it really makes a difference.

Have you ever been watching a loved one’s flight number and gotten to-the-minute updates on the arrival time? Delays? Even when they’re in the air?

Yup – this is the type of technology you have to thank.


You don’t need us to tell you that healthcare is changing, and fast. When intake forms used to take six sheets of paper and a clipboard with a pen, now everything is on tablets.

You can even, as the patient, fill out your forms online before you leave your house to streamline the check-in process. But forms aren’t the only thing getting more efficient in the system.

We’re also seeing trend tracking and information sharing get more futuristic. Thanks to companies like PeraHealth we can use software to mark people at-risk, who would have slipped through the cracks before.

They’re not just in Charlotte (though that’s where they’re based). Tons of hospitals around the country are taking advantage of their offerings. Yale’s New Haven Health System is one of them.

After all, that information came out about how inefficient and dangerous hospitals can be due to provider mistakes – we’re grateful these new systems exist.


What if Alexa or Cortana could tell you in-depth trends about your business, in real time? Without Gary from accounting taking two weeks to process spending reports?

Well, it’s not run through Alexa, but Stratifyd does offer artificial intelligence-based analytics. Their software learns about your business as thing are happening.

The artificial intelligence can process data faster than any human ever could, which yes, may lead to some job loss.

And the software isn’t hard to understand, even though the analytics are complex. You don’t need a degree in statistics to understand their visual dashboard system.

Stratifyd is bringing the world of business analytics to the mainstream, which will lead to more success in the business sector – for anyone who can afford their services.


With the invention of things like Cash App and Venmo, people are expecting their money, fast. No more waiting a few days for your bank to process a check, at least, not if you want happy customers.

We need things instantly, and at least with money, that’s a little more understandable.

To help with that, the startup Payzer offers software that does all the financial things you need to process quick payments as a business. You can accept credit cards from clients but also pay your employees.

Have higher priced services? Payzer can work with people on instant financing and payment plans. It’s truly a one-stop shop for businesses that are tired of contracting out to PayPal, visa, and thinks like AfterPay.

Charlotte IT Solutions

Though not quite as young as some of the companies on this list, Charlotte IT solutions is absolutely deserving of this spot.

As technology, servers, and data management becomes more complicated, more businesses need help than ever. And Charlotte IT solutions is ready to come to the rescue.

Instead of just providing your business an offsite server. they’ll work with individual companies on their business goals. How can they provide you with services that you need in a way you can afford?

In the tech world, it’s unique to find a business that balances both high-tech and humanity. Charlotte IT solutions does that. You can learn more about their mission at

Investing in Charlotte

Are you a business looking for an inspiring new location for an office? Or maybe you’re a business owner who wants to scale down the size of companies they use. Move away from monopolies and towards supporting other real-people businesses.

Either way, the number of jobs in technology in Charlotte, NC make those options available.

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