Become More Tech-Savvy This Year in 8 Easy Steps

If you aren’t tech-savvy, you’re getting left behind. Everything is tech these days from ordering food to running your home. If you don’t understand technology, you won’t be able to enjoy many modern-day conveniences.

Not only does tech make your life more convenient but understanding tech can also mean advancements at work and more. Continue reading this article to learn how to become more tech-savvy so you can keep up and even lead those around you.

The 411 on Increasing Your Tech-Savvy Skills

You can learn more about the different products available to you after you start your learning process. When you learn more about the products that are available to you, it will make it easier for you to decide what skills you want to focus on. The following information will be helpful no matter what you want to learn.

1. Visit “YouTube University”

Depending on your current skill level, you may not need to go further than some free education from good ole YouTube University. You can get started on learning some of the most common information you need to know to successfully operate most tech.

There are even some more complicated subjects you can learn through YouTube if you know how to do some deep digs for what you want to learn specifically. 

2. Take an Online Class on Lynda

There are a variety of paid classes you can take through Lynda. Lynda is affiliated with LinkedIn and there are a lot of different courses that can help you with any technical learning you want to do. You can learn video editing, photoshop, coding and more through the site for a small fee.

3. Consider a Degree or Certification

If you want to showcase your education formally then you might consider a degree or certification. It isn’t necessary for you to have a degree or certification to learn certain aspects of tech but it does help you set yourself apart from the competition if you’re looking to advance your career.

4. Look for Courses from Technology Vendors

Some companies, like Apple, find it is beneficial to teach people to use their products through short, hands-on workshops. These classes are free, won’t take your entire day and you’ll come out on the other side feeling like an educated user. 

5. Join a Meetup Group

There are literally thousands of meetup groups you can join from hiking, singles and yes, even technology groups. Meet with a group of likeminded people that want to increase their tech knowledge. Everyone will be at a slightly different phase in their journey but one of the fastest ways to learn something thoroughly is to help someone else learn it.

When you can teach something, you know you know it. If you find yourself struggling to explain a concept or how to do something, you might want to study it a little deeper.

When you’re at the Meetup, you’re likely to meet some people that can share some other resources you can use to increase your tech abilities. You may meet someone that can be your partner in the learning journey which makes it much easier since learning together is more enjoyable in most cases.

6. Use Social Media

Social media allows you to have access to some of the brightest minds in the world. LinkedIn is a great place to follow technology thought leaders. Many of these people share news, updates and even tutorials with best practices included in them.

Why not learn from people that are making money in the technology sector? LinkedIn has videos, articles, and updates you can subscribe to so you will be the first to know when they post something that might be of interest to you.

7. Subscribe to an RSS Feed

RSS feeds are an easy way to get notified when a helpful blog updates their content. You can even download an RSS feed reader app on your cell phone. One of the most popular RSS feed reader apps you’ll hear about is called Feedly.

Feedly allows you to organize your feeds by category so you can have more than one blog related to technology. You can also easily separate your RSS feeds that aren’t related to technology.

You can subscribe to blogs of thought leaders in the technology field or you might opt for tech news or reviews. Anything that you can take in that is related to tech is good but having a variety of content will allow you to create more context for the product, service or idea that you’re learning about.

8. Offer to Head Up a Technology Project

Even if you’re not the go-to person for technology in your company, if you’re willing to learn it, many employers will be more than happy to help. Innovating the way you communicate in the workplace, how your company tracks leads or other systems in order to be more efficient can help you learn to be more tech-savvy and it can also help the productivity of your team and company overall.

When you’re implementing a new technology project, you’re likely to be sent to training to learn about it so this will give you more knowledge without having to pay for it.

Keep Upping Your Tech Knowledge

Now that you’re more tech-savvy, why stop learning there? There are always more advancements in the tech field and you can continue to grow your knowledge through our articles.

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