5 iPhone Charging Mistakes to Avoid for New Users

Are you a new owner of an iPhone and looking for ways to charge it the right way? If so, you aren’t alone! With sales of 185 million units in 2019, the iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the world!

The iPhone offers many unique features but also must be charged properly to maximize its benefit to owners like you. Read on to learn about 5 iPhone charging mistakes you should avoid!

1. Charging Your iPhone Constantly

Arguably the most important charging mistake to avoid making is having your iPhone on charge constantly.

When you charge your iPhone too often before the battery is drained you can cause damage to your phone. That’s because the battery can be overcharged and this weakens its useful life.

2. Using a Bad Quality Charging Device

The popularity of the iPhone has driven many different companies to make accessories to use with the device. While some of these devices can be far cheaper than official Apple products, you need to be careful about which products you choose.

Spend time learning about an unofficial Apple charging device before you decide to buy and use it.

You can shop here to look for affordable accessories for your new iPhone.

3. Wireless Charging

Wireless charging devices have become increasingly popular in today’s digital age. Despite their popularity, you should avoid using the wireless charger as your usual method of boosting your phone’s battery life.

That’s because wireless charging is slower and can put more strain on your battery. The strength of your charge can also be impacted by the thickness of the case you have around your iPhone.

4. Not Replacing Charging Cables When Needed

Apple includes a cable and charging dock for new iPhones but you should avoid using them over a long period.

Many iPhone users will charge their phone often or multiple times each day. This means that your cable and charging dock will wear out faster.

While the useful life of your cables depends on use, a good rule of thumb is to touch the cable while your iPhone is charging. If it is warm or hot to the touch, be sure to replace it!

5. Draining Your Battery to Zero Percent

Your iPhone is likely one of the devices you will use most often in your daily life. This continuous use can drain your battery, and depending on where you are, you may not have access to a charger when you need it.

While this can’t be completely avoided all the time, it’s not good to make a habit of draining your battery to at or near zero percent life. Pay attention to your iPhone’s battery life so that you don’t let it get to that point regularly before a charge!

Wrapping Up: Avoid iPhone Charging Mistakes

Avoiding these iPhone charging mistakes will help you make the best use of this smartphone! Since its release on June 29, 2007, the iPhone has been a revolutionary tool that’s changed the way many people work and play.

By avoiding these charging issues with your new phone, you can spend more time enjoying its great features! Are you interested in learning about other great ways to improve your efficiency and productivity?

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