5 Interview Questions to Ask When Hiring Digital Security Employees

Digital security is more important than ever. Businesses that are hit with a cybersecurity attack are less likely to last 6 months after the breach. Instead of handling cybersecurity yourself, you decide to hire someone. 

The person that you hire as a digital security specialist has to have the skillset and ability to handle the pressures of the job.

How can you be sure that you hire the right person? Read on to find out the top interview questions to ask your digital security job candidates.

1. How Did You Learn About the Job?

This is a standard question that’s asked in almost every job interview. As you’re evaluating candidates, this job should serve two purposes.

The first is to get the candidates to relax and feel at ease. The second is to find out if the person is connected in the world of cybersecurity.

It’s a demanding role that’s changing often. You want to make sure that if they don’t have answers to issues on the job, they have a broad network they can call for help.

2. What Kind of Digital Security Experience Do You Have?

The digital security employee needs to have some level of experience. How much experience they need will depend on the size of your company and your budget.

They may have worked at a managed IT services firm, where they were able to get a lot of experience in working with different types of organizations. That experience will be beneficial to your company.

You should also ask them about the certifications they list on their resume and how they see that certification helping them in the job.

3. What Steps Will You Take to Make This Network Secure?

The person you hire for digital security should have a process. They’ll be able to demonstrate what that process is when they answer this question. 

They may start with an audit of your networks, report vulnerabilities, prioritize fixes, and develop a plan to secure the network. 

4. How Will You Keep up to Date on Threats?

There are more and more cybersecurity threats each day, making it hard to keep up. You want to make sure your job candidate stays up to date on the latest threats.

There are a number of resources available they can use. There are thought leaders they can follow and read industry magazines online. 

5. How Can You Communicate Threats to Employees and Managers?

This is the most important answer to listen to. The reason is that the job applicant has to know that cybersecurity threats are internal and external.

Employees are responsible for hacks and fraud because they don’t know what to look for in emails. They click on a link and assume that it’s OK. The next thing you know, you’re hit with a ransomware attack that brings down your business.

The job candidate should have a plan for educating employees and communicating with managers about the progress of their efforts.

Know What Interview Questions to Ask

If you want to hire the right digital security employee, you have to know what interview questions to ask. 

These questions will help you decide who the best candidate is for the job. Check out this the rest of this blog for more tech tips.