5 Database Software Programs That’ll Help Your Business

When your business is collecting large amounts of data, you have to have somewhere to put it all.

How can you know what you have and where you can find it without a storage system?

Luckily, database software exists that can help you store, modify, and search through data that your business needs.

Keep reading to find out more about the database management options you have and why they will be beneficial for your business.

What is Database Software?

Any type of software that can store large amounts of information and will allow you to manage the data as needed could be considered database software.

It has a lot of uses that make it a desirable tool for any business. This software allows people to update, search, extract, and store all of the data and information they need.

Technology has so many benefits for businesses and for personal use alike. Check out some of the advantages of technology listed on our website to understand why database software can help you succeed.

Database Management Systems & Your Business

1. Oracle

Oracle has been around for decades and is still one of the best and most highly recommended database management systems out there.

It is a great option for anyone that has some experience with database management systems because it can be a little complex. New users may need additional training to be sure that they are getting everything they can from this software.

2. Microsoft SQL Server

This is one of the more popular database programs in the world.

People can still use the older editions, but new ones come out often as well as updates are made. SQL, which stands for structured query language, is a standard language for this type of data storage and manipulation.

A great thing about this option is it pairs well with other Microsoft products, like Microsoft Word or Excel.

3. Teradata

When you have a lot of data, you need a database system that is going to be able to handle all of it. Teradata is the one for you.

The newest versions of this are great for companies that have high-volume data and this software is considered a very large database system (VLDB). You can utilize ETL with this software, which makes it easier to contain and manage all of this extra data.

4. Airtable

Airtable is one of the most popular cloud based software for data management. Database management solutions are here for anyone with smaller businesses. This also works well for specific departments that may be within big companies.

The main focus of this software is organizing data and making it easier to collaborate.

5. Informix

IBM offers this software that is most commonly used in education. Many educational institutions use this, but it also can be used for more corporate practice as well.

Informix works well with a lot of different languages most commonly used in these databases, including SQL, JavaScript Object Notation, and spatial data.

Another great factor is that Informix often is at the top of the list when it comes to satisfaction of customers.

Using Database Programs for Business

Now that you know more about using database software and how it can be a benefit for your business, you’re probably interested in trying it out for yourself.

The good news is that there are plenty of options for you to research and try to find the best fit.

If you are interested in getting some more information about other tools you may want to implement in your business, check out our blog post to get some more tips.