10 Sleek Corporate Website Design Ideas

There are billions of websites on the Internet today. That means you have plenty of competition when it comes to making your site stand out.

If you’re looking for corporate website design inspiration, look no further. These 10 design ideas will help you design a website that stands out from the crowd.

1. Focus on Accessibility for Corporate Website Design

The conversation around website design is finally ready to marry form and function. Design has long left “accessibility” out in the cold, instead focusing on how a site looks.

Today’s designers understand that design needs to be more than just pretty to look at. It also has to be functional. That’s why corporate web design is focusing on how UX and UI can work together.

That means more streamlined navigation and design that responds to different screen sizes. Streamlined navigation helps users find their way around the site. It also provides sleeker design and more room for other elements on the page.

Speed, simplicity, and usability are key here. Examples include Virgin Airlines America, which was one of the first responsive websites in the airline industry.

2. Less is More with Minimalist Design

Some of the best corporate website design is adopting the old “less is more” mantra. You can see this trend in the push for simplicity and usability. That’s where the web is meeting minimalism.

In the last few years, minimalism has taken over websites. This gives companies a chance to focus on messages or big, bold images. It also creates a clean look that feels modern and inviting.

Making use of white space is key to achieving a successful minimalist look. An excellent example is the website of Whiteboard.

3. Type-Focused Design Trends

Typography often takes a backseat to images on the modern web. Today’s companies are more willing to go out on a limb and experiment with type.

Expect big, bold type everywhere you go. Some companies are even going with text-only heroes at the top of their sites.

This is an interesting trend, because it lets typography do the heavy lifting. It also minimizes clutter, while reducing the size of a webpage.

Even the New York Times has experimented with this trend. Phase3 is one company that’s embraced it with enthusiasm.

4. Gradients Are Everywhere

If you’re looking for corporate website design inspiration, chances are you’ll find gradients. They’re having a renaissance moment in web design right now, and companies are embracing them.

Gradients are nostalgic as they’re reminiscent of the late 1980s and early 1990s. They can also provide a splash of color and interest. Gradients are versatile, too, operating in the background or highlighting different page elements.

They also add a little bit of personality. They can help you move your design away from the more monochromatic looks of yesteryear.

5. Split Screen and Grid Designs

Corporate website design ideas are beginning to play with geometry a lot more. That’s why split screens and grid designs are having a moment.

Split screens help you convey different ideas. Maybe you’re speaking to two different audiences or you have two different product lines. A split-screen is an elegant way to emphasize difference and assist users with navigation while keeping the design simple.

Different splits can also foreground some content.

The exposed grid also plays with geometry, as it showcases lines, rectangles, and boxes. These designs may remind users of the more familiar shapes of operating systems, and they may also assist with reading. They can highlight some content or de-emphasize it.

Most of all, these designs can be elegant while helping to direct readers to where they want to go.

6. Animation, Dynamic Scrolling, and More

More corporate websites are getting playful with video and animation. Custom and user-triggered animations are popular since they add interest and highlight content. They may even help users navigate a site.

Dynamic scrolling is another part of this trend, which can assist in creating 3D effects. Animated cursors, marquees, and other “animated” pieces add visual interest to a website.

These are individual elements that can be added to your website to create more interest. They can be especially effective when coupled with a simple or minimalistic design.

7. Color Scheme Trends Move to the Web

You may know that there are color trends in fashion or home design. Did you know there are also color trends in web design?

More companies are looking toward trendy colors and color pairings. Color schemes and gradients have played a role in this trend.

Popular colors for this year include mint and the combination of dusty rose and ultramarine that’s been used by Instagram and others. Jewel tones and metallics are also popular.

8. Overlapping Layers in Design

Some of the most popular website design ideas right now create depth with 3D effects. This is a marked departure from the “flat” layouts that have dominated web design in the last few years.

3D design might sound tough, but many designers are achieving it by layering 2D elements. Overlapping layers is the simplest way to create more depth for your visitors.

9. “Dark Mode” Design Has a Moment

“Dark mode” has become incredibly popular with users over the last few years. Apple even included an automatic dark mode in Catalina, the latest version of macOS.

Dark mode web design takes its cues from these apps, swapping white backgrounds for darker hues. It then adds contrast and interest with bright colors and accents.

10. The No-Code Revolution

Finally, corporate web design has reached a seeming moment of revolution. The goal is to put design back in the hands of the average person, by eliminating the need to know all kinds of arcane coding language.

Design has been pushing this way for a few years at least, with the rise of WYSIWYG editors and other design tools like Beaver Builder. You can learn more about Beaver Builder and other options that can turn almost anyone on your team into a website designer.

Stay on Trend

Corporate website design has evolved a lot in the last few years, and it’s going to continue evolving. With the right tools and advice, you can build sleek websites that wow your audience. You’ll even be ready to keep up with the times as design trends come and go.

Want to make sure you stay on top of the trends? Check back often for all the latest on design and more!