6+ Top Business Employee Schedule Maker Softwares

Business Employee Schedule Maker App Software

HotSchedules is a top notch employee scheduling application which makes it very easy and fast to communicate to your employees about their work schedules. You can check their work and even send them alerts about any changes or urgencies. Any changes made by the manager are automatically updated in the system and communicated to them.

Features of the software for owners

  • Sales and Labour snapshots can be compared easily to the actuals.
  • Post current and future schedules and the ability to make any changes in it anytime.
  • Ability to set up notifications and approve or reject any change in schedule requests.
  • Manage time off requests and be able to view the blocked dates.


Features of the software for employees

  • Be able to see your schedule from anywhere and at any time.
  • Synchronize your schedule with your personal calendar.
  • Ability to see all open shifts and make requests to pick up and change schedules.
  • Contact all the co-workers just by one click through the email, text or the software platform.



  • Using HotSchedules saves a lot of time as setting up schedules and managing them becomes a matter of minutes.
  • It is very convenient to operate as the application is very easy to install and manage.
  • Keeping all records with regards to employee information becomes a smooth process and everything limits at one location.
  • Definitely one of the best employee schedule maker!


ShiftPlanning software is a workforce management software made for optimum use in the 21st century. This easy to use software is always updated and hence keeps everyone informed about all the latest information.

Features of the software for employers

  • A clean software interface which lets you drag and drop actions to make any changes and you do not need to keep saving each time as the changes automatically keep getting updated .
  • An access to a customer service representative who is there to help you as and when required .You can contact him and he will be willing to provide you the help needed and that too at no extra cost.
  • No need to enter any data twice , you can easily import or export data as and when required .What is more, you can synchronize it with external applications and use that information too.


Features of the software for employees

  • Available as an application suited to all kinds of mobile devices.
  • User passwords are not incorporated in a human readable form to maintain any security issues.
  • The software lets the employees download their data at any time to ensure their peace of mind.



  • Very easy to operate from any computer or mobile device the only requirement that it should be linked to the internet.
  • It has a very strong interface and that coupled with its hi-tech scheduling facilities make it one of the preferred software in its field.


ZoomShift has a useful work schedule maker and time clock which is bound to make your work so much easier. Usage of zoomShift helps the employer in improving the performance of his workers within no time and from anywhere. A perfect business employee schedule maker app for any manager.

Features of the software for employers

  • Choice of day, date, months and filtering the schedule in many other different ways possible.
  • An option of preparing schedule templates which can be utilized later on as per the requirement.
  • In case you are making any mistakes in the form of any wrong shifts being entered a warning message is provided to warn you about the same.


Features of the software for employees

  • The facility to receive any notifications through email or text messages. This way they are reminded about any changes made or any updates.
  • An option to customize their own notification settings which means you can create notifications for things that you need information about and forget the trivial issues.



  • Use of features like swap shift helps employees make any changes in shifts to accommodate their personal exigencies.
  • An inbuilt clock tracks each employee’s time in the office and keeps you informed about the lack of hour’s completion.
  • An easy employee schedule maker app that’s fast and reliable.
  • The ability to check which group is performing better than the rest and how.


Planday is an employee scheduling software that provides the managers and employees both a chance to work smartly. No use of old planning schedules as Panday reduces admin time by about 75 %.The punch clock feature ensures that they reach the workplace even before they can clock in the entry.

Features of the software for employers

  • Ability to view and update schedules at your convenience and also check worker availability for shifts.
  • Ease of setting up employee groups according to different skills and jobs.
  • An option of copying your weekly schedule into future weeks.
  • An accurate punch clock which is location based.


Features of the software for employees

  • An integrated messaging system which informs all employees or even some specific ones about any changes.
  • Very easy process of shift swapping makes it convenient for you to do the same with your colleagues.
  • Ability to manage your vacations and holidays as per your need.



  • Free trial available which lets you try the product before proper use.
  • The skill set function helps employers in looking for employees within one skill set and job ability.
  • Very easy to operate and no prior software knowledge required to use it .A small training session is enough to guide you about the usage manner.


ClockIt is a cloud-based automation tool which provides organizations the ease of managing time, attendance, and payroll and leaves records. This is a free employee schedule maker app for up to 3 employees.With the help of automatic reports and email facilities, you can keep a track of the worked hours very comfortably.

Features of the software for employers

  • The option of receiving reports about the health of your company gives the employees an overview of the issues present in the organization.
  • A dedicated support team which is available online to help in case of any problems faced.
  • Usage of the latest technology and an auto update facility every month.


Features of the software for employees

  • Easy access and remote login available for leave management and other issues faced.
  • Integration with Google maps helps you in knowing the distance traveled and time left to reach the workplace.
  • A shared calendar available for you to keep track of which employees are on leave and when and plan your vacation accordingly.



  • An ability to export data from anywhere increases ease of use.
  • Free employee scheduling software up to 3 employees.
  • Be able to post your schedules online due to the software being cloud based.
  • A free trial lets you test the product before signing up for the complete package.

22 Top Internet Explorer Memes

Enjoy, laugh or cry to these funny Internet Explorer Memes, the joke of the Internet! Making fun of explorer is easy but who dares to make fun of Spartan I wonder?:)

internet-explorer-troll 87c 995707_659653617383013_1200757877_n.jpg.cf a6b.jpg.cf b4b baf ie_o_950486 ie-rage-comic.jpeg.cf image.png.cf Internet-Explorer_o_106684.jpg.cf internet-explorer_o_1208773.jpg.cf internet-explorer_o_269567 internet-explorer-meme-211.jpg.cf



main-qimg-1aecf2880421053ec8af63fbc7cff790 MEMES-2014-Internet-Explorer.jpg.cf Memes-Internet-Explorer.png.cf MM5Lr.png.cf sigh-internet-explorer_o_1658781.jpg.cf the-worst-part-about-accidentally-opening-internet-explorer-photo-u2 using-internet-explorer_o_443394.jpg.cf

Internet Explorer meme contributes to the most popular jokes one cannot stop to laugh. Microsoft has created a fix for the discovered security flaw, however, the patch will be released tomorrow as the company announces today. The humorous bit is how to fix the software already in the market. Internet explorer is a default browser on Microsoft windows and termed very slow in speed. The Microsoft Company Chief Executive Officer will personally apologize to be the last person remaining as the Internet Explorer user. Memes with slow turtle walking in a speed of Internet Explorer download can make the serious explorer joke ever. 

The good news of all is that the browser does not function on Apple Macintosh. The most discouraging windows in terms of speed and memes criticize how internet explorer browser can be faster than it. The creativity of internet memes brings about light moments in browsing the internet. It is the only browser used to download the other types of browsers like chrome and Mozilla. Upon download never again shall the users utilize it in browsing for it is extremely slow. That awkward time you accidentally click on the Internet Explorer icon and wait till it loads only to close it once more.

I f Monday was to be made a browser; probably it will be Internet Explorer. The amazing and enjoying weekend is always cut short by Mondays that seem to be slow like the loading of a page on Internet Explorer. Internet explorer meme with an officer on job looking at a clock bored of the long day in work is the explorer joke one can always laugh indefinitely. The Internet explorer meme explains the feeling of impatience to wait for the browser to load while browsing. The innovation of Internet Explorer 10 will permit a user to download Google chrome at most five times faster.

Imagine the conversation of slow animals as snail and turtle.

Snail: nothing is much slower than me

Turtle: are you really sure? How about the Internet Explorer?

The writings on Internet explorer meme crack funny explorer jokes on how furious image claims to cry for using some browsers. The Internet explorer meme states that using such browsers can make cry for more than twenty minutes. The funny comics and memes about Internet Explorer on how it is the slowest, dumbest and unreliable browser can help you say goodbye to its use. On advertisements, the browser is used to download the best browser.
Internet explorer meme with other browsers pictures share the idea of improving speed and be reliable, but the Internet Explorer only needs that idea of downloading the other browsers. An Internet explorer meme developed to prompt the user to make Internet Explorer default browser can be so amazing imagining how long shall be taking to open web pages. It can be the only awful browser whose existence is only to install other browsers. Explorer Jokes made on a browser on its inability to keep pace with the changing technology. The other browsers are used on the expense of it since it the only one installed with the operating system.

The Rocket Man Documentary


The Rocket Man a Documentary

The Rocket man documentary is centered on a true story of the first civilian to ever launch a rocket into outer space, the one and only, Ky. His story is one that depicts the immense power of willpower and passion, and the strength of an unbroken human spirit. And you can make this story come to life at Indiegogo.

This moving journey of Ky starts while he was little; when he dreams of being an astronaut as he watches glow in the dark stars on his ceiling. This dream however faces its first major obstacle on his first day at school where he discovers he could neither read nor write, a condition known as dyslexia. What a dream crusher for the little astronaut aspirant. With the little awareness about the dyslexia condition back in the 40’s, his teachers just think he is stupid. He therefore drops schools at 9th grade with nothing but a point to prove to the world.


Ky gets obsessed with speed. By just watching others and using his mechanical photographic mind he is able to make better versions of motorcycles, snowmobiles and rocket powered inventions that wow crowds at the Bonneville Salt Flats. His astounding rise comes across yet another huge hurdle when his father suddenly commits suicide. To cope with the sudden loss, Ky goes out to set 72 land speed records.



Ky then catches the Attention of Hollywood where he works along the famed Dar Robinson on many movies and TV shows where he absolutely revolutionizes the industry. Unfortunately Dar dies and Ky’s premonition causes him to go back to Minnesota, a heartbroken man. But his obsession for speed makes him so restless. So, he goes ahead to make his firstrocket which breaks down every amateur rocketry record existent. He names this rocket after Dar.

This is when his crazy, seemingly impossible and absurd dream is born. He was going to be the first civilian to send a rocket into space!And opposing odds there were!

He was up against very limitless resourceful teams such as Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and his colleague Burt Rutan who were engineering their SpaceShipOne. Even worse, the federal government stonewalls his mission through massive restrictions, permits and agencies leaving him in a position to face five years in prison and $250k fine in case of any screw-ups. After pushing through this strong opposition, he faces yet another huge possibility for failure. His rockets keep failing and failing with instances of explosions and crashes in 997 and 2000.But he was obsessed and could not let it go. He wants to try one more time. In 2002, earlier before he learns of his mother’s death in the night, the Feds shut him down again. He now is at the brink of giving up.

However, in 2004, this dyslexic 9th grade dropout stood before his rocket the ’Go fast’ putting everything on the line; his family, freedom, his home, his fortune as he waits to press the button that would see him either go down the history books in the same line as the Wright brothers and see him open a new galaxy for the human species or see him go down as a complete failure.

This documentary is meant to sensitize the world about this unsung hero Ky and grant him his rightful place beside heroes as the Wright brothers and Lindberg. It is also meant to inspire all the next generation kids as Ky. It is an undeniable story of the strength of the human spirit and of determination and never giving up on dreams. $68,537 is being raised to support interviews with Ky’s friends, nemesis, rocket buddies, Hollywood personalities and space luminaries. You can support this amazing story of incredible dreams, impossible odds and an unbroken spirit by buying a t-shirt or crediting into the film. For more information on how to do this.


Q&A with Colette the Director and Project Manager

When I read the description of Rocket Man I get goosebumps and then my eyes start to water… Are you sure you are not a writer or is this story just that good?

Ky’s story is really just that good! I truly can’t believe more people don’t know about him. How many people have been a drag racing legend and a Hollywood stunt king and then gone on to battle the government and gravity and beat the billionaires into space? And all without being able to read, write or do math! Ky is truly a pioneer on par with the Wright Brothers and Lindbergh, but people connect with his struggles and triumphs because he’s so real and so genuine. To me, his story has something for everyone: It’s the ultimate David and Goliath tale, a peek into the dawn of the civilian space race, a missing piece of American history, and an inspiration for dyslexic kids everywhere.

Yeah, still got goosebumps! Mostly the documentary will be of interviews I presume, but will there be rocket launches and other action stuff to?

There will be interviews, but there will be LOTS of rocket launches, explosions, death-defying stunts, cars falling off cliffs, people leaping off towers, rocket-powered dragsters…you name it! There’s tons of archival footage from all areas of Ky’s life – and luckily, he saves everything. As a director, it’s really fun to be working on a film that has such a strong message but also has the feel of an action movie.


That’s what I wanted to hear!:) Is this your first time crowdfunding and could you tell us three tips you have learned along the way?

This is my first time crowdfunding, and it’s a whirlwind! Top three tips:

Ask everyone you know who has crowdfunded for advice ahead of time, then follow it.
Be prepared to work full-time on your campaign when it’s running, and for a month beforehand.Your video makes or breaks you – put everything you’ve got into it.
Bonus 4th tip: You never know where those donations are going to come from, so definitely reach out to friends of friends and folks you don’t know too well – you’ll be surprised!

That’s some good tips. Finally, tell us: why should your project get funded?

That’s easy. Ky and I visited a school for dyslexic students last week as part of the campaign, and we both were in tears for most of the day. It was super-moving to see the kids respond to him and realize they could do anything they imagined, and it made us more determined than ever to get this movie out there. This film can change a lot of kids’ lives. That’s our mission, and that’s why we’re so passionate.

Thanks Colette Sandstedt and good luck with the Documentary, looking forward to see it on TV some future day! 

Go here to crowdfund this project!


BRAIN One: Performance Tracking System for Motorcyclists

Track and improve your motorcycle and motorsport performance. Create videos with data overlays. Share and publish your stats.

About this project

BRAIN One is a portable, stand-alone smart telemetry device for motorsports. It tracks your performance, provides feedback in real-time and stores your performance data to instantly share results with friends. This standalone device attaches to your vehicle without cables or wires and begins a recording session that feeds directly to your phone with the push of a button or, if you don’t have the smartphone with you, stores your information into the internal memory until it’s ready to be synced.

BRAIN One is the perfect performance gadget for not only athletes, but developers too. BRAIN One is an open and multisport device built with Android software that is also compatible with iOS devices. Use BRAIN One’s open API to develop new applications for any sport. So, whether you love motocross, go karting, snowboarding or anything else, BRAIN One allows you to unlock infinite possibilities for your favorite sport.

BRAIN One not only measures your performance, but also allows you to challenge friends and capture awesome video with your GoPro or other action camera. Simply film your ride and automatically overlay your performance stats for action-packed videos. BRAIN One’s goal is to allow you the opportunity to track every detail of your sessions, analyze your performance and share the adrenaline to feel like the greatest of champions. Our BRAIN, your heart.


Q&A with rLoop Project Manager Brent Lessard about Pods, Hyperloop and the Future

5rLoop podThink of the next step in transportation evolution that allows efficient high speed transit from one place to another. That is cost effective and safe at the same time. It’s been called the 5th form of transportation and what I’m talking about is the Hyperloop, a brainchild of Elon Musk at SpaceX. It’s a ground-based transportation method that will take a person from one place to another in mere minutes. The Hyperloop system uses a technology by incorporating reduced pressure tubes in which cargo pods, together with passengers, levitate. Since low pressure causes less air friction, the pods will have the potential of accelerating into great speeds. Calculations made shows that the Hyperloop pod will allow a passenger to travel between London and Paris in just 15 minutes!

To make this a reality a big open source competition was announced and over 1200 teams all over the world joined up. The final stage approaches fast and only 30 teams remain in the competition and the rLoop is one of them. The only non-student team with a very different approach, working globally in a way most people can only dream of. They are currently crowdfunding for the building of their pod at Indigogo, go check that out! Now for the Q&A with Brent Lessard, the CEO and Project Manager of the rLoop!

Q: I have heard of the Hyperloop from different sources and that SpaceX through Elon Musk started it all. Can you tell us how it all began and more explicit how you came to be part of this cool project?

A: Elon Musk unveiled the concept in 2013 and open sourced his Alpha Paper, indicating that he was too busy with SpaceX and Tesla to work on the Hyperloop. There was not much progress on the Hyperloop achieved in the two years after his announcement, so to accelerate development SpaceX announced an open design competition. At that point, someone made a post on the SpaceX subreddit suggesting we had the technical know how to design a pod, and rLoop was born.

 rLoop V6 3AM.272 - Final

Q: So I assume the name rLoop came from the classic reddit thread build up /r ?

A: Yes, originally we called ourselves redditloop, but quickly changed to rLoop. It’s certainly a nod to our origins. The original post suggesting we enter the competition was made on r/SpaceX. That post received a lot of attention from the community and the team started to organically self-organize from there.

Q: You guys are a non-student team, but wouldn’t it be great to take part of young students inner fire and everything-is-possible-mentality?

A: The truth is rLoop is approximately 85% students. We like to think of participation in rLoop as educational as well, so we don’t just task the experienced professionals in the group with certain tasks. Anyone can take on a task, get guidance and feedback from those with more experience, and in the end we increase the quality of the interactions between members and everyone comes out ahead.

Q:When is the next event and what are your chances of winning?
A: There are some milestones to achieve along the way but the next stage of the event is the final one – racing our completed prototype on the test track in Hawthorne, CA. We have a great team and a strong design – I know we’re going to be serious contenders. There will be a lot of data and experience gathered from the competition weekend, so we’re looking forward to that. Regardless of the outcome of the weekend, I think what we’ve achieved in the past ten months has been incredible – organizing organically, pushing the boundaries of the open source and crowd sourced model, collaboratively designing a prototype design that beat out over 1,200 other teams, and competing against well established institutions like MIT, Virginia Tech, and Delft – all of whom have massive corporate sponsors.
Q: Air or Magnetic?:)
A: Magnetic. The manufacturing demands on the tube would be too costly for air bearings – and I think you’ll find any of the commercial entities are going the same route. We’ve been lucky enough to have a good relationship with Arx Pax – their MFA technology will be providing levitation for our pod.
Q: If someone wants to join your team now, how should they go about?
A: The needs of the team fluctuate. We’re currently at an advanced stage of the competition, with many aspects of our pod design already frozen. We always have a need for certain fields, though, so anyone passionate about making the Hyperloop a reality should certainly contact us through our website, rloop.org.

Q: And if everything goes according to plan, what’s the ultimate vision here??A:  rLoop’s operational model is quite interesting to see in action. The crowd sourced platform welcomes diversity of perspective and allows the best ideas to rise to the top by making everyone an equal. Your geographical location, your religion, your politics, your education – none of these are a factor in your voice being heard. The open source ethos allows a quick and free flow of information, encouraging constant and rapid iteration. As a result, we’ve been able to organize, design, and compete against some of the world’s greatest institutions – and we did it in ten months without ever having met in person.

We’re hellbent on making the Hyperloop a reality, and that is what we’re going to do. We want to leverage our performance and the data collected from the competition weekend to make that happen.

rLoop V6 3AM.264 - Final

Q: Give us 3 tips from what you have learned on your way to other technology entrepreneurs?


Passion is the ultimate incentive – if you are not passionate about your project, it will be evident.
Your vision is your greatest asset.

Being open source will drive innovation – never be stagnant!

Q: Finally, tell us: why should your project get funded?

A: rLoop is working to make the Hyperloop a reality. The project places rLoop at the forefront of technology and innovation. We believe the Hyperloop is a revolution for transportation, and we believe the approach to realizing it can be revolutionary as well. We’d love to have a passionate community join us on this journey of international collaboration and innoavtion.


Thank you Brent Lessard for this interview and good luck in the contest!


Hyperloop and the rLoop pod is a design that may change the future of transportation, go fund them and keep an eye open!

Unique Camera Stabilizer for Your Smartphone

The fight against shaky smartphone videos might come to an end today, at least that’s the vision of Rick Whang and his team at Navin. 1218 backers at Indigogo are hoping the same!


ProView S3 Camera Stabilizer for Smartphones

The Pro View S3 is a camera stabilizer for smartphones and a one stop solution for those who want to shoot videos like a pro! The stabilizer is specially designed for large 4K smartphones but works just as well with mid sized ones too, as the unit can handle screen sizes ranging from 4.7” up to 5.7”. It gives users the liberty of shooting ultra smooth videos. Being professionally designed, the Pro View S3 is also the world’s first 3-axis gimbal, making it the most versatile smartphone stabilizer yet. Better yet you can crowdfund it today to make this a reality!

See what Rick has for advice for other tech entrepreneurs the future of smartphone filming  and why you should fund this project!

How did you come up with this idea and what made you “go for it”?

More smartphones are equipped with high-resolution camera, even 4K camera on the latest models. As video sharing is becoming popular, good to enable everyone to take cinematic video shots like filmmakers using their smartphone to better express and share. The technology is here, just need to make it more affordable and accessible to most people.

I would say it’s a better use than the selfie stick…:) If everything goes according to plan, what’s your ultimate vision?

Make shaky video a term in history.

ProView S3 360 design view Camera Stabilizer for Smartphones

Nice! Now give us 3 tips from what you have learned on your way to other technology entrepreneurs

  • Real schedule may get 50% longer than expected.
  • Have a backup plan.
  • Seek multiple sources.

Instructions ProView S3 Camera Stabilizer for Smartphones

Finally, tell us: why should your project get funded?

We bring state of the art 3-axis gimbal technology to the market, better than what’s currently available, at an ultra-affordable price. A big step toward obliterating shaky videos!

Well, I for one do hope you succeed in your mission! Thank you Rick Whang at Navin and best of luck on your crowdfunding!

Solar Powered Eco Dwellings – To Live of the Grid

Easy Business Housing Portable Refugee Solution Solar Powered Expandable Economy Dwellings

“Living off the grid has always been a dream of mine…”

With SEED that dream can easily become a reality for anyone who has it! With a push of a button it grows in seconds into a small house, with extensive insides and a 360 degree perspective of your environment. Up to 8kW from solar panels and a big battery bank makes this self sustainable unit excellent for incalculable potential uses, lodging for refugees, versatile medicinal facilities, transitory catastrophe alleviation settlement to name a few. Or why not a portable little business on the beach?:)  And of course for a nice recreational travel, living of the grid for a while!

Travel Kit SEED portable eco house

How did you come up with this idea and what made you “go for it”?

Living off the grid has always been a dream of mine as it allows people to be one with nature. As a child I would sit in church and draw pictures of mobile houses on wheels that ran on rain water and on energy from the sun. My fascination with electric cars took this to the next level. In 2007 when I graduated university as an Electronics Engineer my dream was to design mobile dwellings that could one day be towed by an electric 4×4 and could charge the 4x4s engine when sitting at a particular destination. It was the release of information on Tesla’s model X vehicle that made me think it is time for the SEED products to come to life and it is my passion for products like Tesla’s vehicles and my SEEDs to exist that will see me make Prodengin succeed.

SEED portable eco house fully expanded

You mentioned 3 different markets, what are those? And if everything goes according to plan, what’s your ultimate vision for SEED??

The three markets I see are:

1. Small business applications where business owners need mobility such as mobile workshop, mobile restaurants, mobile coffee stalls or retail stores.

2. Affordable housing is another market that is of significant interest to me. The SEED products are the size of a studio apartment and have the facilities required to allow people to live for long periods of time away from civilisation. It would be fantastic if these products could be used for emergency shelters for the disadvantaged as well however the cost to manufacture our products at this stage makes this difficult. This is part of our future plan though. Disasters and wars happen and emergency shelters will be required for many years to come. I have heard people on social media say that these dwellings wouldn’t last in a tornado. What they don’t realise is they don’t have to stay in the danger zone as these products allow users to pack up and move as soon as they get the warnings and then return afterwards.

3. Recreational vehicles and caravanning is another market that suits our products. Caravans are all very similar in shape and size and I believe people need more room and more renewable energy powering options to be comfortable for longer periods when away from home. The high capacity solar panels also ensure there is enough energy being derived when the sun shines for short periods throughout the day to allow people to go further into nature for longer periods of time. The curved front and back walls also allows fuel costs to be dramatically reduced allowing journeys to go further.

Refugee Solution Solar Powered Expandable Economy Dwellings

Give us 3 tips from what you have learned on your way to other future tech/environment entrepreneurs?

1. First tip is to push past those that say it cannot be done and the risk is too high. Nothing worth doing is easy. This statement has been stated a lot however this is what keeps engineers and business professionals passionate about what they do.

2. Second tip is to do something you are truly passionate about that lines up with as many of your interests as possible. My favourite interests are: spending time with friends and family, technology, travelling, camping and the environment. See how they all fit into the Prodengin SEED products 😀

3. Last tip is to spend as little cash as possible to do as much as possible. When the time is right and the concept is proven your clients will determine how much more you should spend.

SEED portable eco house outside

Finally, tell us why your campain should get funded?

Our funding campaign was set-up to allow us to bring these products to life. It is very difficult to get a business like this off the ground in Australia and hence I am looking globally for interested partners and clients as well as funding and this is the purpose of the whole campaign and the surrounding media.  Without a successful campaign these designs will wait for VC or government funding which could take many years and I believe people can use products like Solar-powered Expandable Eco Dwellings now. If a sponsor walked in tomorrow and said we want Prodengin in California or Pennsylvania for example to manufacture these products we would negotiate this without hesitation. A successful campaign will drive these sponsors to Prodengin much quicker.

Test in the Dessert Refugee Solution Solar Powered Expandable Economy Dwellings

Electric vehicles are going to get more and more powerful. I hope there are people like me out there that would love to travel throughout the world towing a comfortable, spacious and sustainable dwelling that can charge their tow vehicle in days thus allowing them to move between destinations without the need to see a fuel station or to spend a cent on fueling their vehicle.

Thanks Kevin Kelly at Prodengin and go fund this campaign at Indigogo!

SEED portable eco house insideSEED portable eco house insideTravel SEED portable eco house

One of the Most Affordable 3D Scanners Today, Cowtechs Ciclop is Entering the Market

With allready 1400% funded at Kickstarter this projects looks promising!
 CowTech Ciclop RepRapids 3D Scanner live action
3D printing is marvelous, however if you need to duplicate a current object of yours, you have somewhat of a test before you. You can either get the opportunity to chip away at a 3D CAD program and reproduce the piece, however that requires abilities the normal customer doesn’t have. On the other hand, you can examine it. 3D Scanners can be costly, which is the reason we’re inspired with by CowTech Ciclop by Jason Smith. It’s a pack that contains nearly all that you need to make a scanner; what doesn’t accompany can be printed with your current 3D printer. Open Sourced of course!;)
How did you come up with idea of an 3D Scanner and what made you “go for it”?
Both of us were very interested in the 3D printing field and we were really looking for a way to replicate objects without creating the CAD file from scratch. 3D scanners were an obvious solution but they were all so expensive. After looking at the technology available, we ran some numbers and guessed that we could make our own 3D scannerfor a fraction of the price of existing models with just a few tweaks.
I see you have backed a lot of projects on Kickstarter, this is more then a job for you is it?
It is certainly more than a job. I love Kickstarter and the idea of being an early adopter and helping really neat projects get off the ground. I hope that with my projects I provide a platform for people to do the same thing.
Was the choice of open source easy for you and how come you choosed it?

Well, we designed the scanner from an open source project, so we did’t really have an option in terms of how we would release it. However, even if we had pioneered the technology, we would have strongly considered making it open source. I love the open source concept and the way that it accelerates technology growth and collaboration. 3D printing certainly wouldn’t be where it is today with the open source revolution within the industry.

Lion 3det copy result CowTech Ciclop 3D Scanner live actionLion Copied by Ciclop 3D Scanner


If everything goes according to plan, what’s your ultimate vision??

Weston and I just want to make awesome products that shatter price points and use common sense engineering. We operate with low overhead, we are savings minded, and years of growing up farming and ranching has given us loads of experience in engineering and design. We have been working on stuff and fiddling with bolts since we were young kids and that teaches you a thing or two about how to design. We know what it’s like to not be able to reach a bolt with your socket wrench, so when we design parts, we make the bolts easily accessible, for example.


Give us 3 tips from what you have learned on your way to other technology entrepreneurs?

The first is that you have more skills than you think, and don’t be afraid to utilize them. Time is your greatest enemy, and sometimes there just isn’t enough to get everything done without outsourcing labor, but if you can do it yourself, don’t be afraid to do so. It doesn’t take a professional graphic designer to make a logo, or a webmaster to create a website. There are increasingly more and more tools that are oriented towards doing these types of things yourself, starting with little to no experience, and they can be great resources.
Second, if you are launching a Kickstarter, make sure you work out as many kinks as possible before you launch your product. Having a prototype and a product that is production ready are literally worlds apart. Do as much part sourcing and final design work as you can, because the littlest tweaks that are necessary to go from prototype to product can be surprisingly expensive.

Finally, there are so many resources online in forums and groups where people are willing and happy to help you out with any questions you have from engineering to software to marketing. They are a really valuable resource to assist in areas where you may not have the expertise or just need help working out a bug.

Finally, tell us: why should your project get funded?

Well, as of this printing, we are already nearly 1400% funded, so there has clearly been a huge demand. However, we stand for more than just producing an affordable product. We are trying to revolutionize the 3D scanning scene. The 3D printer revolution has already come and now is time for the scanner revolution. We wanted to get open source scanners in the hands of as many makers as possible, and we hope that together the project can evolve and improve to totally change the face of 3D scanning.


Already 1400%, that’s amazing! I was going to end this interview with a “good luck” but clearly that’s not necessary in this case! CowTech will go far with this one! Now get your own Ciclop and back this 3D Scanning Project!

Big Thanks to Jason Smith at CowTech, best wishes!

Sweep, a Scanning LIDAR-Light Detection And Ranging Campain You Can Crowdfund Today

Sweep Scanning LiDAR 360 degree on a drone!

The Sweep is a plotting technology that measures space by illuminating a target with a laser. The light weight, 360 degrees operating and the affordable price makes it functional in many different areas. It is built using Sculpteo 3D printing technology and with the ability to make high resolution maps you get applications in atmospheric physics, geography, archeology, forestry and many more!

And of course you can put it on your drone…:)

Sweep lidar on a flying drone

Now see what the inventor has to say and go get your own and Crowdfund this campaign!

How did you come up with this idea and what made you “go for it”?

We have been working on scanning LiDAR solutions for several years. We started off developing outdoor consumer robots for the home. To do any kind of mapping, scanning LiDAR or something like it is required. When they discovered that there were no affordable LiDAR sensors on the market that could work outdoors, they set out to make one themselves.

I can see many implementation areas for the Sweep, for instance for firefighter drones in burning buildings with low visibility. Can Sweep operate in smoky environments? What other usages do you see?

Sweep uses infrared light to sense its surrounding, which does a good job of penetrating fog and some smoke.  What makes Sweep more capable than most LiDAR sensors is the filtering technique it uses to differentiate returning pulses from noise, much like a checksum. This allows it to work well in fully sunlit environments, or next to other sensors using similar wavelength light.  Sweep can be an excellent navigation sensor in almost any vehicle.  From ground robots, to boats to small planes, sweep can provide a better understanding of the surroundings and warn of approaching obstacles.

In your Kickstarter video you are using a Raspberry Pi and their 3:rd version is coming out soon, will that enhance the experience of Sweep?

The Raspberry Pi 2 has no problem running our example projects. That being said, having more processing power is always helpful if you’re running additional programs concurrently.

And if everything goes according to plan, what’s your ultimate vision??

We’re targeting the initial release of Sweep toward early adopters and developers looking to try out the technology.  As we get more insight from our customers about their specific applications, we will refine future versions of Sweep to meet the demand.  Likely areas of improvement include additional internal data filtering modes, more compact packaging, faster update rates, longer ranging capability and more environmental hardening. The ultimate goal of Sweep is to empower new and existing applications with a smart and affordable scanning LiDAR solution.

Give us 3 tips from what you have learned on your way to other technology entrepreneurs?

Number one is make sure you start advertising for your campaign 1-2 months early.  It takes time for news agencies to write articles and reviewers to test your product.

Second is if you are making a hardware product, make sure you have your supply chain mapped out before the campaign.  This means getting quotes for predicted quantities of every last item going into your product, as well as assembly costs.  A miscalculation of the product’s part costs will sink any project.

Finally, find a message for your campaign that resonates with your target audience.  A good message about what it is you’re trying to accomplish can go a long way toward selling your product.

Finally, tell us: why should your project get funded?

Making scanning LiDAR more affordable and as a result more accessible has been our goal from the beginning. We’ve gone a step further by doing more than just lowering the cost, we’ve made the sensor itself smarter by processing data internally and outputting more useful and application specific data. We strongly believe that Sweep will enable many exciting new applications that weren’t possible before because of cost or processing requirements.

So, go get your own Sweep and support this tech Kickstarter project!

Thank You Kent Williams inventor of Sweep at Scanse.io for taking the time and the great tips to other tech inventors out there!



Top 73 Coolest Technology Gadgets of the Future

Top 10 Most Anticipated Tech Products of 2016!

Year of 2016 brings a lot of cool tech things to look forward too. Some of the future technology gadgets scheduled to hit the shelves this year will, as expected, significantly change gaming and virtual reality experience. But other areas of life will see the benefits of hi-tech as well, including entertainment, communications and health.

One of the products to look forward to is Oculus Rift by Oculus VR. This virtual reality headset featuring head-mounted display and integrated headphones should bring a revolution in VR experience, especially in gaming sector, but is bound to have an impact in other areas, like streaming media and social networking. Other cool tech things from this category include PlayStation VR, Nokia OZO, the first camera that should be able to capture virtual reality and Microsoft HoloLens.

Health and fitness areas will see the benefits of technology with products like Oura ring, a fashionable gadget keeps track of your daily patterns and gives suggestions for lifestyle modifications and DietSensor, the first instant nutrition coach.

New Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is also scheduled to hit the market, together with iPhone 7 and 7+, as the old competitors continue to battle for customers’ favor.


Top 5 Virtual Reality gadgets of the future

Future is bound to bring significant changes in Virtual Reality sector. With many companies competing for their share of the pie, these are the top five virtual reality gadgets of the future that go beyond visual experience.

1) PrioVR by YEI Technologies provides full body motion detection with real-time tracking. Every movement translates into game or virtual reality setting with complete freedom. It is available in three versions: Core, Light and Pro.

2) Cyberith Virtualizer aims to bring virtual reality experience to a next level. The Virtualizer enables user to move freely in the virtual reality setting with low latency and isolating the user from outside distractions.

3) The Stem System by Sixense Entertainment is a modular wireless motion tracking system that should set a new standard in 3D interface. The users are able not only to walk around, but also to move hands, yield weapons, swing and duck.

4) The Reactive Grip by Tactical Haptics hopes to bring new, unprecedented levels of motion capabilities in the virtual reality setting. It also introduces a new way of experiencing more subtle things like a weight of a shield or kickback of a gun.

5) Dexmo Classic and Dexmo F2 by Dexta Robotics truly belong to the world of future technology gadgets. This wearable machine exoskeleton is capable of capturing the entirety of your hands’ motions. Dexmo F2 is also equipped with the technology providing you with a digital force feedback, breaking the barrier between the digital and real world.


Top 10 must have future gadgets coming 2016


Manufacturers always compete to produce the best and coolest future technology gadgets. When Oculus Rift was announced to hit the shelves as the virtual reality solutions, many competitors got involved in the race, coming up with their own ideas. including the Project Morpheus by Sony and Steam’s very own version of the VR googles.

Samsung announced arrival of affordable and interesting smart phones in 2016, featuring improved quantum dot displays and foldable tablets.

Intel is coming out with wireless charging laptops and hopes to be able to introduce wireless charging ports, enabling you to charge your laptops on the go. At the same time, Microsoft is working on developing HoloLens augmented reality googles, which should work in combination with Windows 10.

Home robots have long been just a dream, but the year 2016 should see the emergence of actual robots to perform different functions in your home.

Other cool tech things coming in 2016 include modular smartphones with easily replaceable parts, ultra-fast charging batteries and Tesla Powerwall, a battery charged by the solar panels on your roof.


Top 5 Future Technology Inventions | 2019 – 2050

Some cool tech things are not yet scheduled to hit stores, but they are expected to become available in the next few decades. Making the list of top five such gadgets are:

1) Smart Newspaper – electronic devices that have the feel of actual newspapers, but can bring you the latest information in a matter of seconds.

2) Smart Card – smart cards of the future will be able to hold all sorts of useful data, from your contacts to identification documents and travel tickets.

3) Wall-Format Display Glass – wall-format display glass is one of future technology gadgets that will make our lives much easier, enabling us to communicate with anyone at any time and access all sorts of information at variety of public spots – at no charge whatsoever.

4) I Watch – by the year 2019, I Watch will be one of cool tech things that pretty much everyone will own. Development of new technologies will help it enhance its functions and, in turn, become a gadget that makes your life so much simpler.

5) Cicret Bracelet – much like I Watch, Circret Bracelet will become the new technology craze, substituting touchscreens almost entirely. Who needs a smartphone when you turn your arm into readily-accessible touchscreen?


Cool Future Gadgets – Top New Technology – Best High-tech Inventions 2015

The year 2015 saw some really nifty gadgets hit the shelves. These include Coby’s Floating Bluetooth Speaker System, a GPS Keychain, Hi-tech bathroom mirror, wireless cameras, cassette to iPod converter and quite a few more.

While some of these gadgets were not that revolutionary in terms of their usefulness, others really made our lives easier or helped us create a cooler, more future-like environment right in our living rooms. While hi-tech interactive mirrors are more of a vanity-items, being able to convert transfer your favorite cassettes to an iPod without hassle is something that many are able to appreciate.

And as far as cool tech things go, it doesn’t get much better than a floating, wireless sound system. That thing simply spells “future”.


Top 5 Gaming gadgets of the future

Learn about five of the most electrifying gaming tools of the future that will totally transform your gaming experience. Top on the list is the ZRRO TV gaming box which is a utility that allows you to play your mobile games from play store on your TV. It acts as a touch screen controller for your TV, which essentially has a big screen for gaming. The NAOS QG mouse is the world’s first smart gaming mouse. It allows you to track your body reactions when gaming through its in-built heart rate and galvanic skin response sensors. FUFFR TOUCH on the other hand will transform your table surface into a touch responsive surface for playing games on your phone. This social game controller allows you to play multiplayer games using just one smart phone. KOR-FX GAMING VEST will incorporate your feelings into the game. It syncs your body’s situational feedback with what’s happening on the screen. TREADGAMING, when incorporated into your exercise tool actually makes your gaming experience feel real. Now you can exercise seamlessly as you game through TREADGAMING.


Top 5 Latest Future Technology Gadgets and Things Coming in 2016

The future is finally here, check out seven futuristic gadgets available now. DOT, the world’s smallest Bluetooth ear bud. DOT features a wireless connectivity to smart phones and the latest Bluetooth connectivity as well as noise cancellation capabilities. TOOLI is a versatile tool for architects and designers. It can work as a plotter, cutter, laser engraver, dispenser, pick and placer an assembler and many more. It works together with Art2G software which supports all its capabilities. SLIDE N JOY provides you a chance to triple your laptop screen size using USB connectivity and the Slide N Joy HD screens. The LIGHT PULSE cable is a computer cable that uses a patterned electroluminescent visible current technology that allows you to watch in real time as your connected devices get powered up by the electro current. ODO is the best irrigation utility for your farm. It knows exactly how much water your plants need and uses solar energy to power up. It also has a smart phone connectivity for monitoring the growth of your plants. OVIARY is a smart system that helps remind you when to take your birth control pills so that you don’t skip or get late for taking the pills. BLINKY SHOES turns your favourite pair of shoes into awesome disco lights. The LED strips are really attractive.Here is an exposé of some incredible gadgets to expect in 2016. This is indubitably the coolest piece of living art, introducing the Jellyfish cylinder Nano. This hi-tech aquarium will simplify your jelly fish keeping hobby, at an affordable price and add an aesthetic appeal to your house. Push, a tiny wireless robotic tool that can push any button for you. With Push you can turn your home lights on or off from work through your smart phone or even start your computer wirelessly from the kitchen. EKKO is a new device that allows you to receive wireless Hi-Fi audio from any source to your usual pair of headphones. It allows multi-listening through sound corks connected wirelessly to the audio source, from which you plug in your pair of headphones. Fly, the safest drone on earth, you can actually send this thing to run errands for you without the risk of harming other people. PURA, here’s the world’s first truly smart air freshener. This air freshener can be fully controlled from your smart phone. You can turn it off, or even change the fragrance dispenser from the comfort of your phone.

7 Futuristic Gadgets Available Now And the Technology Gadgets of the Future

The future is finally here, check out seven futuristic gadgets available now. DOT, the world’s smallest Bluetooth ear bud. DOT features a wireless connectivity to smart phones and the latest Bluetooth connectivity as well as noise cancellation capabilities. TOOLI is a versatile tool for architects and designers. It can work as a plotter, cutter, laser engraver, dispenser, pick and placer an assembler and many more. It works together with Art2G software which supports all its capabilities. SLIDE N JOY provides you a chance to triple your laptop screen size using USB connectivity and the Slide N Joy HD screens. The LIGHT PULSE cable is a computer cable that uses a patterned electroluminescent visible current technology that allows you to watch in real time as your connected devices get powered up by the electro current. ODO is the best irrigation utility for your farm. It knows exactly how much water your plants need and uses solar energy to power up. It also has a smart phone connectivity for monitoring the growth of your plants. OVIARY is a smart system that helps remind you when to take your birth control pills so that you don’t skip or get late for taking the pills. BLINKY SHOES turns your favourite pair of shoes into awesome disco lights. The LED strips are really attractive.

7 Futuristic Kids TOYS and Gadgets

The TINITELL is an affordable smart wrist phone for kids. It allows children to make calls to their most important people. It even has GPS functionalities that can be used to locate your kid. Trobot Robot, the robot that is designed to do the storybook reading job for you. It even converses with your child. Moff is a wrist toy that essentially eliminates boredom from your child. Moff senses the child’s gestures and produces sounds related to the gestures, for example shooting and racket sounds. It transforms anything the child touches into a toy. Ozobot brings to life some of the wildest imaginations from the child, during play. The robot can move along any patterns drawn by the child on physical surfaces and on smart phones. Toymail allows parents to remotely send voice messages to children through their smartphones, as the kids play. The voice messages are received in form of cute audio mails to the Toymail toys. The Kiband is a wearable smart band that helps parents locate their children within 400ft. It also allows them to create perimeters for kids and warns parents whenever the kids cross the set perimeter, through their smart phones. The Dynepod is a wearable toy that help kids linkup with each other through the ‘internet of toys’ platform where kids can use their Dynepods to interact with the outside world.

Top 5 New Best Future Tech Smartphone Gadgets 2016 | iPhone Things Review 2016

Innovations in technology are providing simple solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems and can make daily life easier.

It’s fun to imagine how inventions and gadgets that are currently being developed could alter the course of an average day. Let’s start with an imaginary bike ride to get coffee. But there’s something new about the design of the bike. After parking the bike, there’s no need to worry about anyone stealing these wheels because the bike can safely be wrapped around a pole for storage. Once that coffee order is in, you may realize that iPhone needs a charge but the charger is at home on your desk. No problem. You can stick this iPhone to the window for a quick solar boost. Want to write yourself a note? Use the pen with ink that changes color. Spill coffee on your favorite t-shirt? Again, not a problem. Your clothes are chemically designed to resist stains and can easily be wiped clean. When it’s time to throw that empty coffee cup in the trash, you won’t need expert pitching skills. The trashcan is programmed to move to where you are. Instant home run.

Interesting innovations such as invisible bandages that adjust to the color of your skin, portable washing machines and rear view mirrors with no blind spots seem so useful that we may soon wonder how we ever did without them.

And all of this technology is closer to realitythan you might imagine, because the innovation that created these gadgets was nurtured. When innovation is prized, some pretty great things do happen that both benefit people and the environment. Take the case of the latest developments in the Hyperpod, an electric, high-speed energy-efficient transport design that has the potential to reduce the pollution caused by transporting products. 

“We wanted to show people that something new and great can happen,” said engineer and investor Elon Musk at the 2016 Hyperloop Pod Ceremony in January 2016. “And that it doesn’t have to be the same old thing.”

Sponsored by Space X, the incentive prize competition invited input that would ultimately make the design a workable reality.

Or how about drinkable water? So much of the world does not have a reliable source of safe drinking water. And previously ways to make the water potable were expensive and difficult to transport. Innovation solved that problem. A Japanese firm, the Poly Glu Social Business Company, discovered a way to instantly purify water with natural ingredients. The technology can easily be used around the world and in the smallest of villages. It both solves the problem of water safety and creates business opportunities on a local scale.

So, whether it’s a nationwide transportation system, an iPhone projector that beams video of the family vacation on Innovations to your living room wall, or a mini USB fridge that cools a soda can on your desk, innovations in technology are going to shape the future of the planet and transform your daily life because the truth be told, these are the most fascinating innovations in the modern times.


14 Awesome Futuristic Inventions That Are Available Right Now

Or how about drinkable water? So much of the world does not have a reliable source of safe drinking water. And previously ways to make the water potable were expensive and difficult to transport. Innovation solved that problem. A Japanese firm, the Poly Glu Social Business Company, discovered a way to instantly purify water with natural ingredients. The technology can easily be used around the world and in the smallest of villages. It both solves the problem of water safety and creates business opportunities on a local scale.

So, whether it’s a nationwide transportation system, an iPhone projector that beams video of the family vacation on Innovations to your living room wall, or a mini USB fridge that cools a soda can on your desk, innovations in technology are going to shape the future of the planet and transform your daily life because the truth be told, these are the most fascinating innovations in the modern times.